Thailand has clear rules on how to drive public vehicles. Tourists must carry an international driver's license and the corresponding national driver's license. Anyone staying in the Kingdom for more than three months must have the international driver's license translated into Thai.

The administrative fine for driving without a valid driver's license is usually between 500 and 1.000 baht (and increasing) and is not particularly tragic, BUT in the event of a traffic accident, you are automatically the culprit AND your insurance company does not pay.

Probably the most popular means of transport on holiday on Koh Phangan is the rented scooter. It should be noted that there are hardly any scooters under 125 ccm. In order to drive legally you have to have the right in your country of origin to drive two-wheelers with 125 ccm.

The International Driver's License

In Germany and the Switzerland one applies for the international driver's license (Vienna Convention of 1968) at the road traffic offices of the respective main place of residence. It is valid for three years, but expires at the latest when the national driver's license expires. In Austria The automobile clubs ARBÖ and ÖAMTC issue the international driving license and it is valid for one year.

The Thai driver's license

The Thai driver's license is also considered proof of identity, for example, on domestic flights, and is in addition in all ASEAN-Countries valid. Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that you often lower entrance fees in national parks, museums and other places - let's say - pay for creative pricing.

This is for the issuing of the license Department of Land and Transport responsible. From Koh Phangan from the Office offers Koh Samui but you can also go to that one Suratthani go. Once you have all the necessary documents and documents together, it is not complicated.

The initial application will give you a two-year Thai driver's license. You can have this extended to a five-year driving license before the deadline. In Thailand, a separate driver's license in credit card format is issued for each vehicle class.

You need the following documents

       • Workpermit - or - 
         Certificate of Residence in original, not older than 30 days
                Is being issued by immigration for currently 500 baht.

       • Health certificate in original, not older than 30 days
                Issued in clinics or by doctors.

       • Passport copy
                Identification page and the page with your valid visa

       • Copy of your valid national driver's license

       • Copy of your valid international driver's license
                If you do not have one then you have to translate your national driver's license and yours
                Have the message authenticated.

You have to do yours Passport and your driving licenses im Original have with you. In Thailand, every copy must also be signed. If you are looking for motorcycles and cars, you can only attach the originals to one document file, for the second, copies are allowed.

The process at the Land and Transport Office

Although all the signs are in Thai, but as soon as you get the application form, you are already in circulation. The staff will send you from one station to the next. The tests listed below will be explained to you in advance and you will always be given a second and third try.

       • Complete the application form (s)
                 You will receive these at the information desk, where you will also be assigned a number.

       • Have papers checked

       • Test color blindness
                A traffic light with red (= red / dang), yellow (= yellow / lüang) and
                green (= green / kiauw) light.

       • Reaction test
                 You have to press a brake pedal before the indicator turns red.

       • Test spatial vision
                 Here you have to bring two wooden sticks to the same height by means of ropes.

       • Test field of view
                You put your chin on a device, the side flashes red and sometimes green
                and you have to say when you see it.

       • Learn traffic signs and road markings
                You either have to watch a video on your phone or read a brochure.

       • Pay
                 For a motorcycle currently 155 baht, for a car 205 baht.

       • have photos taken
                 Here again 10 Baht per photo are due.

       • Receive driver's license (s)

If you do not have a valid driving license

If you do not have a valid driver's license from your country of origin, you have to driving lessons take, for a theoretical Test learn and one driving test lay down. Compared to "our" requirements and conditions, things are much easier here. Promised! The questionnaire is in English, the exam is taken by means of multiple-choice test on the computer. For the practical test you have to come with your own vehicle - yes, indeed!

When driving with the motorcycle there are two little things about which one stumbles easily. Do not forget to put on the helmet and put both feet on the ground when stopping. When driving by car note that also in Thailand the belt duty applies. If you go through the whole process, it will take you two days to get your brand new driver's license.

The authority on Koh Samui is quite strict, the application is accepted to a maximum of 9: 30, in Suratthani, however, this is not seen as close. The Department of Land an Transport also needs to dress appropriately. This means that both men and women need to have their knees and shoulders covered. If you are annoyed because something does not work out, or you are already stressed out, do not let it show you. Always stay calm and polite, a brisk demeanor will not get you anywhere in Thailand.

In Thailand, the requirements and conditions of authorities may change at short notice without warning. Therefore, all information given here is without guarantee.


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