The Chinese New Year is in the Chinese tradition the most important festival of the year, Chinese have settled in Thailand since the 14th century and today make up about 15 percent of the total population. The Chinese New Year is celebrated here everywhere with a lot of red color, even more firecrackers and lion dances - especially in the so-called "Chinatowns", the predominantly Chinese-populated neighborhoods in larger cities.

The Date for the turn of the year movableas it is according to the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar directs. Usually the date falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, i.e. sometime between January 21st and February 21st. The festivities stretch over 15 days and trigger a considerable wave of travelers in Southeast Asia, actually worldwide, because traditionally everyone wants to be with their family.

The Chinese New Year will be also spring festival called, it marks the end of the coldest and most deprived period of the year. You look forward to the coming sowing and harvesting, and welcome all new beginnings. Basically all the rituals are based on that letting go of the old, with all the unpleasant things you have experienced and that inviting in the new, full of hope that all injustice stays away.

The beggar and the beast – the Chinese New Year myth

Es war einmal a monster named Nián, a mixture of dragon and kirin that emerged from the bottom of the sea once a year to feast on animals and people. On that day people left their villages to seek shelter in the mountains.

It happened that one year beggar turned up that day and asked for shelter, but everyone was in too much of a hurry to run away. Except for an old woman who let the beggar in, whereupon he promised to scare away Nián. He began to decorate all the houses in the village with red ribbons and dressed himself in red robes.

When Nián trudged into the village at midnight, he was one of the many red ribbons irritated at the doors of the houses and raised angry roars. Suddenly exploded Fireworks around the monster and it began to tremble with fear. When it was then also the whole beggars dressed in red when he saw it and laughed at it, Nián could do nothing but flee.

chinese new year dragon

The next day the villagers came back from the mountains and were delighted and amazed that all the houses were still standing. They realized that a lot of noise and the color red the monster's kryptonite. So they celebrated the survival of their village thanks to the heroic beggar and set off even more firecrackers to be on the safe side.

More Chinese New Year symbols and rituals

The color Red is considered a symbol for in China Protection from evil spirits and demons as luck magnet and as a Prosperity charm. At the turn of the year, gifts are exchanged, with the children always Money in red envelopes to get. This symbolizes the Transfer of happiness and prosperity from the older to the younger. Of course, this tradition also exists between employer and employee or among friends. Because time does not stand still today digital "red pockets" More and more popular.

As designated Family and clan festival Relatives are visited on certain days, birthdays of gods are celebrated, married daughters and husbands are welcomed and the ancestors are honored. Most of all, people eat a lot and like to drink. There is also a day when "everyone's birthday' is celebrated, after all everyone turns a year older on New Year's Day.

The traditional one lion dance is also part of the celebrations. The lion is the symbol of strength, wisdom and fate, it drives away evil spirits and brings Glück, long life and prosperity into the house. The lions also dance at store openings or building inaugurations. The lion dancing here is actually also a mythical creature, he is often depicted with a horn on his forehead. In other legends surrounding the New Year celebrations, he corresponds to the annual monster Nián. In the dances, the previously told myth about the victory of the beggar or little boy (depending on the origin) over the monster is also shown.

How the Jade Emperor was tricked

crowning Completion of the New Year holidays is the Lantern Festival, The illuminated red lanterns hang everywhere and people also walk on the street with hand lamps.

The story tells of one heavenly swan who was killed by a hunter. The Jade Emperor was so angry that he decided to send his knights and burn the earth completely. Some of the lower gods were horrified by this plan and secretly warned the people of earth. So every house hung lanterns out, people wandered along shilly-shally and lanterns around and ignited Fireworks. From the sky it looked like the world was on fire. The Jade Emperor was deceived and the people were spared his wrath.

Chinese New Year Red Paper Lanterns

The Lantern Festival in China is something like like with us of Valentine's Day. In the past, women were not allowed to go out alone, except on the evening of the Lantern Festival. They could move around freely, watch the moon, play games, and talk to men. Finest fabric
for wildly romantic stories.

The Chinese New Year celebrations on Koh Phangan

On Koh Phangan the pulls Parade with drummers, dancers, lions, dragons and holy figures from the Chinese temple through the Streets and alleys of Thongsala. They stop in many shops, restaurants and in private households, where people offer sacrifices, give thanks and dance. At the Food Market then there is a final one dance performance the lion dancer.

It is and remains one religious event, which has a much deeper and greater meaning for the Chinese-born population than for us we are actually only watching. Therefore, we simply appeal to yours tact, when you join the parade. You are very welcome and maybe you will also be given a blessing, which is not uncommon. If possible wear something redAfter all, it can't hurt to draw happiness to yourself when it is in the city.


A look into the crystal ball - The Year of the Water Rabbit

The year of the Water Rabbit begins on 22/1/2023 and ends on 9/2/2024 sself conscious and purposeful, liebevoll and social. Behind her quiet nature hides willpower, curiosity and adaptability. It is not easy for rabbits to open up to others, but they are romantically inclined and strive for Harmony. In life they need a lot of variety, routine bores them to death. Rabbits like to surround themselves with beautiful things, they are said to have a penchant for luxury.

2023 will be Year of Hope and Harmony, because the rabbit brings peace and prosperity. The prospects of resolution of conflicts are big. Rabbit's gentle energy does us good after Tiger's explosive. Particularly empathetic people should be careful not to lose themselves in the problems of others and thus neglect themselves.

This year is particularly good to have children, because being born in a year of the Rabbit promises lifelong happiness. Reinforced by the element of water, we feel an increased need for romance and passion. We argue less because communication and exchange are easier.

Professional the chances of advancement and success are good. Of course nothing works without commitment and commitment, but this investment is worthwhile in the year of the rabbit. Financially you can also dare something, all signs point to stability in business and financial matters.


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