The Sunset Pearl This is history since last year. Now, there are still news of Manu and Mausi.

On the 24. February 2016 has VOX in the course of the broadcast Goodbye Germany - The emigrants finally reported again about Manuel and Stephanie. Who the last update here has read, it will soon be noticed that a large part of the recordings, so all the shoots that took place in Thailand, came from last year.

Because the Sunset Pearl had to close at the beginning of last year and the two emigrants then left Koh Phangan for their homeland - Augsburg - after some events in other locations. A return to the high season at the end of 2015 - but at the beginning of 2016 was still firmly planned.

Shortly before leaving for Germany, there was good news after all: Mausi was pregnant! At first nobody really knew what this meant for the two of them, also because, at least for Manuel, children did not seem to be firmly planned… Also for VOX, of course, a hit 😉

Unfortunately no new location for the Sunset Pearl or the La Vida Loca PartySo we went back to Germany, where little Mia Valentina was born healthy and happy on October 21st last year.

Are there any more Thailand plans for Manu and Mausi?

When they left Koh Phangan, the two emigrants were actually still very sure that they wanted to come back as soon as possible. However, after the birth of their daughter, their plans changed. Manuel is working again in his old job as an insurance agent in Augsburg and at least at the moment there are no plans for Koh Phangan or Thailand. But who knows, that may change one day ... we'll keep you up to date!

The current episode VOX Goodbye Germany the emigrants you can admire watch online here.


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Posted by Sunset Pearl on Wednesday, February 24 2016