More and more guests on Koh Phangan prefer to rent a car instead of a scooter. There can be various reasons for this. Advantages and disadvantages and what you should pay attention to, you will find out here!

If you have as much as possible on Koh Phangan see and experience want, you can hardly avoid a rented vehicle. There is no "public transport" except Motorbike taxis and Taxi pickups, Motorbike taxis are cheap and fast, but often only at parties or on the Pier to find. The pickup taxis on Phangan are, in principle, collectible taxes, where each passenger pays a certain amount per way. Of course this also means that with just one or two passengers, the price per trip can be relatively high.

The still most common alternative on Koh Phangan is rented scooters and motorcycles, Scooter is already available from 150 Baht per day, long term rental can be even cheaper, especially in the low season. The Driving in the open air is fun, the fuel consumption is low and with appropriate driving skills can be achieved with a scooter on Phangan meanwhile solid every part of the island. The biggest disadvantage of two-wheelers on Koh Phangan is the safety aspect. Bad road conditions, unfamiliar left-hand traffic and "unconventional driving behavior”In combination with the tourists' lack of experience, scootering on Phangan can be very dangerous.

The alternative: By car on Koh Phangan

You are safer and more comfortable with the car. Especially who traveling with children or transporting expensive photographic equipment, for example, is better advised to drive a car. Of course, rented cars are more expensive than scooters, the Rental price per day from 1200 THB however, it is reasonable. Hospital costs or the repair of the often uninsured scooters can cost many times more! Ultimately, you are better protected in the car from rain showers and other road users.

Koh Phangan Car Rental: What to look for?

You should make sure that the vehicle to be rented is insured with a "First Class Insurance" which must apply to all drivers! You should also find out how to return the vehicle (full tank?). In any case, please check the rental vehicle for any existing damage and before Check the signing of the lease!

As a driver, you are required to carry an international driver's license or a driver's license with English translation. If you stay more than 6 months in Thailand musst You can show a Thai Driving License!

The best way to inform yourself is how to proceed in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Car hire on Koh Phangan: Our recommendation

If you decide, one Car hire on Koh Phangan to use, we recommend you Janny Car Rental, You get a Toyota Yaris, which offers enough space for a family, but at the same time is fuel-efficient and agile. The vehicle will be driven to your hotel free of charge and picked up there again. In addition, child seats are available for children of all ages. Of course, the vehicle is insured. When booking or any questions later you have one German-speaking contact person.

Rent a car Koh Phangan

Janny Car Rental Rental Rates

A rental car from Janny Car Rental costs you 1500THB per day. From seven days or more you will receive the Toyota Yaris for 1350THB, starting at two weeks for 1200THB.

  • 1-7 days: 1500THB per day
  • 8-13 days: 1350THB per day
  • 14 days to three weeks: 1200THB per day
  • 1 month and more: 30.000THB per month

Request a rental car

You can book your rental car on Koh Phangan directly here: Janny Car Rental Koh Phangan

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