Koh Phangan is one of my favorite island in Thailand. That's why I knew that I would spend my holidays on this island with my baby!

So I had with my husband and my 9 months old child the chance to discover Koh Phangan with baby. We discovered Koh Phangan and baby for 3 weeks last September. I was not aware of how fond of children the Thais are until then.

Our baby was the star on the island everywhere. Whether in the massage salon, on the food market in Thongsala or in the resort. Everyone wanted to take care of our son, play or just hold him in his arms. That was really great, I've never experienced anything like it before.

It was an unforgettable experience to discover the island with baby completely new and different. We do not regret a second and would do it again and again.

We have seen a lot in the 3 weeks on Koh Phangan with baby and experienced that squeezing all this into a report is unfortunately not feasible. That's why I put together 2 of many nice holiday moments in this report for you.

Car rental for the holidays with child!

Since the roads on Koh Phangan are quite dangerous, it is recommended to explore the island in a more comfortable and safer way by car, especially with a child. You can get one Rent a car on Koh Phangan - conveniently using our form. With insurance, of course, and with child seat on request!

 With baby in Buddhist temple

In 2012, my husband and I got married on Koh Phangan in the temple. It was a wonderful ceremony and will always be remembered for us. Now when we were with baby on Phangan, we wanted to bring our little man to this temple and bless him. Which also worked out wonderfully. The same monk who performed our wedding ceremony at the time blessed our little man. This beautiful shot was created:

Koh Phangan with baby

Such moments on Koh Phangan will forever be in our hearts and unforgotten.

Discover the wildlife on Koh Phangan with baby.

Elephants on Koh Phangan We were traveling a lot with our baby on the island, so it is not out of the you also discovered the wildlife of Koh Phangan with baby.

Especially with the big animals like the elephants he was amazed and also the crocodiles did it to him, even though they didn't move.

We have seen many other animals, such as monkeys fetching the coconuts from the palms, or a talking bird that was a resident of our resort and greeted us each time in Thai when we passed by. Our baby has always looked in astonishment that the bird is talking to us.

These were just 2 moments from 3 weeks holiday with baby on Koh Phangan. Of course we had many more beautiful moments in our vacation. Every day on the island there was something new to discover. If you would like to read more of our adventures on Koh Phangan with baby, you can do so on our site www.thailandmitbaby.de do.

Soon it will be time for us again and we start our next vacation on my dream island Phangan. This time our baby will already be an 2-year-old toddler. It will start a new adventure, discovering Koh Phangan with toddler. Maybe you are on the road with baby or toddler on Koh Phangan. I would be glad to meet other families with children during my next stay on Koh Phangan.

Did you already travel with baby or toddler on Koh Phangan? If so, then tell me about your beautiful moments with baby / child on Koh Phangan!