The rent for a scooter, eg Honda Click with 125ccm (automatic), is between 200 and 250 THB per day. With some landlords, you can negotiate the price a bit if you rent for a longer period. A semi-automatic scooter (e.g. Honda Dream or Wave) is usually a bit cheaper. In Thongsala offer some landlords semi-automatic scooters / mopeds, otherwise you will find almost only automatic scooters from Honda or Yamaha. Should it be a (cross) motorcycle, you pay more accordingly. The landlord is usually not interested in your driver's license, but usually requires your passport as a pledge.

With the rented vehicle you should handle carefully, since the scooter often not insured or the guilty party has to pay for the damage in the event of an accident. In general, it should be noted that motorized locomotion is right on Phangan dangerous is unusual for you, alone by the left-hand traffic, Besides, there can be a hole in the road behind every bend, you know songtaew (Taxi) Meeting on your street side, or sleeping a dog on the street. Accordingly careful should you drive! Incidentally, a horn is usually understood as a warning "Attention I pass", the flare of an oncoming vehicle means, contrary to understanding in Germany, "stop"!

Scooter hire Koh Phangan

Incidentally, many Germans will not officially have a license to drive a scooter in Thailand. The smallest engines we saw on Koh Phangan were 110cc. This means that you probably need a scooter driving license, as newer German driving licenses only allow driving two-wheelers up to 60ccm. Contrary to other claims, there is no legal basis known to us in Thailand that states that you must carry an international driver's license with you. A driver's license with an "international (= English) translation" can be required, but the normal one also fulfills this requirement EU driver's license!

What to do if something happened?


Accidents involving foreigners often occur, hence the call to drive carefully! Most of the accidents do not involve any other parties. It is easy for someone to slip on the sand on the streets, overestimate their own speed or fall because of a blown tire. These are usually painful but relatively harmless accidents. There is plenty of choice Clinics on Koh Phangan, who will treat any injuries professionally. A treatment is important in any case, as the damp climate in Thailand promotes infections! Your health insurance, which will be taken out before you travel, will easily cover the costs if they are higher.

In addition, you will have to replace in any case, the damages incurred on the scooter / bike. This can be expensive at times! This is one of the reasons why we necessarily have that Carrying a credit card recommend. Please think, before you call in a possibly high bill of the landlord "Fraud", because he usually wants to rent his vehicle for several years and therefore not only "the few scratches", but also any damage caused under the disguise will want to fix !

Incidentally, these tips should not mean that you no longer dare to move around the island on your own: If you drive carefully, no nasty surprises are to be expected and you will have great fun. Many adventures await you, especially if you are familiar with a motocross bike! A slightly more expensive, but also safer and more comfortable alternative is Koh Phangan with a rental car to explore.

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