August 11 - 11:00


August 13 - 16:00

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Orion Healing Center ( Detox & Yoga ) Koh Phangan

15/2 moo 8 Sri Thanu

Ko Phangan, Thailand, 84280

We invite you for 3 days of intensive release from some of the most heavy believe systems we still carry about ourselves:
I am not important
I am not good enough
I am not loved
I am bad (sabotage)
and human structures such as :

Allow yourself to leave behind what isn’t yours, create space for the authentic you to live trough your physical body in what’s been called the human experience.
🌟YOU deserve it.
🌟Choose it for yourself.

During the early stage of our childhood we perceive our reality from our close and extended family, our community, and the laws which our world is driven by and are global consensus.
It is programed into our brain in the shape of a “believe system”(BS), where set of belief systems creates “human structure” and within these structures we create our reality, these are the patterns. Some are good and still serve us well, but some of these patterns are old and are no longer serving us and have been present in our human experience for decades, determining the way we perceive things such as relationships, health, abundance, beauty and more.

When we want to change something in our reality , it is usually within the pattern so we change the place we work, our partner or the diet, but mostly end up in the same place as before.
If we want fundamental change, allowing new experiences to take place then we must go deeper all the way to our BS and chose to let them go. This is what this workshop is all about.
What you perceive, is what you react to – is what you get.

About the Teacher:
✨ Expanding consciousness since 1990.
✨ Since 1997 coaching teaching and assisting in understanding the human aspect, the being aspect, how to allow the authentic soul, energy, wisdom, potentials and knowing serve in grace and ease .
✨ Helped thousands of people by courses, workshops and privately.
It is your time to live in joy abundance and fulfillment.

The workshop will take place in a beautiful quiet place in the jungle at Orion healing center, from 11am till 4pm daily with a short break.

Energy Exchange: 3000BTH including fruits and drinks.

Please make sure to secure your space as the no. of places are limited.

Whatsapp : +66936752263


When you tend a group hosted by Anuhe’a you will get some awesome wisdom from a very wise lady 💫 If you are able to let it really sink in to a deep level of your being, this understanding can/will change your life to such an extent.. And for me this is/was a reality that cannot in any way be looked away from 🙏😊 Just come and see the magic in her eyes, you will then probably understand that there is something to what I write. Not just “something” really, as this is very very special! and I cannot believe that you will find anyone somewhat like her on this island. There is probably not so many with her extent of wisdom and light in the whole wide world even ✨ So.. don’t miss this opportunity if you are genuinely on the road of healing and evolving yourself to a being that is much more joyful, more in tuned/flowing with life, centered, genuine etc.. I can truthfully say that this has blown open some amazing doors for me. Road forth does look alot more welcoming now than ever, as this has helped me see that every moment of life holds so much awesomeness and Joy! so much light and warmness. I was blind and now I see 🌟 haha. Again 🤗 I highly recommend this to all you beautiful souls out there. Do this with an open mind and see. It might just do you a world of good.
Love you all ✨💖✨

Anueha’s teachings about mystery of existence grew to be a light bringing the trust for what we call life. It opens the way to understand the language of energy, helps to deepening the sensations and to embody the wisdom we carry in our hearts. The classes offer loving guidance to step into our power, feeling beyond the duality and transcending to our true nature.

Attending Anuhe’a teachings has brought to the surface and in a logic way, to be and live in a reality that has resonated within me forever. To feel safe in what I believe and believe what I live to be a passage worth living.