July 30 - 09:30


July 31 - 19:00

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SOUND THERAPY FOUNDATIONS – Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks & Voice (Including Cert. of Completion)
30 & 31 July
Venue – Wok Tum, location given upon RSVP

Two day journey into the Art & Science of SOUND! Experience how to use the POWER of vibration for deep relaxation, holistic healing, and to bring positive change, through one-on-one work, and group sharing and receiving. Explore Sound Bath Creation, as well as 1:1 Treatment Techniques.

This course is an excellent comprehensive introduction, like no other, to this sphere of healing. It is important for your own experiential growth and understanding before fully proceeding on this path. Although a certificate of completion is given, it allows you to start offering and exploring sessions, however to become a full Professional Sound Healer ‘Level 1 Singing Bowls’ is required or the ’50h Intensive Sound Healing’ Certs.

• The Science of Sound Vibration
• Brainwave Entrainment & Frequency
• Effective Use of Singing Bowls – Types, Striking, Placing
• 1:1 Sound Healing Session Techniques & Practice
• Group Sound Meditation Techniques & Practice
• Techniques & Application of Tuning Forks
• Self-Care & Self-Healing Practices
• Contra-indications to Sound Healing
• Integrating other Modalities
• Creating Sacred Space & Intention Setting
• Mindful Awareness & Grounding
• Attuning to the Breath Wave
• Rhythmic Techniques
• Voice Work & Toning
• Sharing Circle and Q&A
• Holistic Sound Healing Circle & Sound Bath Creation with other Sound Tools included

CERTIFIED by Pure Nature Yoga Ltd.


With Roni Lynette Jones (Pure Nature Yoga) and small intimate group to ensure your understanding and level of practice.

❤ BONUS! Sacred Sound Bath
❤ BONUS! Guided Sound Meditation
❤ Q&A with Special Guest Teacher Dimitri Miteff

🌟 Heavily reduced price of 6000thb 🌟
UNDERSTAND the Art and Science of Sound in this Foundations of Holistic Sound Healing Certification. Sound is one of the most powerful tools to open up the vibrational field of resonance to release stress, remove emotional blocks, induce a deep meditative state, and activate self-healing mechanisms in the body.

LEARN the theory of sound healing through scientific research and philosophy, including a scientific introduction to Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs and other Sound Healing tools. The importance of Sacred Space, Grounding, Breath and being Mindfully present when working with Sound.

EXPLORE group Sound Meditation practices, as well as 1:1 treatment techniques through demonstration, application and feedback, in partner work and group. Effective use of Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Voice, and other Sound tools. Self-Care practices for healing and clearing. How to
integrate other healing modalities.

INDULGE in Sound Bath creation with a variety of Sound tools in a fun Holistic Sound Circle. Both Give and Receive a variety of sound healing sessions so the practice becomes more embodied.
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +66 949 033077
09.30-13.00: Session 1
13.00-14.30: Lunch
14.30-17.30: Session 2
17.30-18.15 Break
18.15-19:30 Session 3

09.30-13.00: Session 1
13.00-14.30: Lunch
14.30-17.30: Session 2
17.30-18.45: Session 3

Lunch not included, please eat nearby in Wok Tum/Hin Kong/Thong Sala area

Wok Tum, near KP Hospital, location given upon RSVP
🌟 Heavily reduced price of 6000thb 🌟
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +66 949 033077

Roni Jones has worked in the field of Sound for almost a decade, and has been trained by, and since collaborated with some of the leading Sound Therapists. Roni leads Pure Nature Yoga ‘200h Holistic Yoga and Sound Therapy Teacher Trainings’, in Thailand. A forerunner of integrating Holistic Yoga, Mindfulness and Sound Healing. Also collaborator on the most comprehensive Certified Sound Healing Training in Asia. Roni is passionate about the use of vibration for deep profound effects on the mind-body network. Roni is also a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and Tibetan Buddhist practitioner.
This programme is a wonderful prelude to the ’20h Level 1 Singing Bowls’ and ’50h Intensive Sound Healing’ courses:

Sound Therapy Training Thailand

Or the ‘200h Holistic Yoga & Sound Therapy Teacher Training’:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Thailand


Sound Therapy

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“The intimacy of a small group gave each of us a chance to absorb and integrate. Roni holds a sacred container so adeptly and it is very clear that she is not only passionate about what she teaches, but she has a depth of experience to ground the information.
I resonated with Roni’s approach and how she connects sound with Yoga Therapy and Mental Health. This was a wonderful addition to my personal toolbox, as someone who also works in the field of Yoga, Energetics and Psychology. I was also appreciative of the focus on how sound can be used to heal trauma. As a Crisis and Trauma Specialist, I work with clients on multi-dimensional levels to address the mind-body connection in healing trauma, and sound and toning is often a vital bridge to healing.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone who has not only studied sound from many lineages, but who also “walks the talk.” Roni’s laugh is infectious and she dances between the realms so fastidiously and with care, meeting her students where they are in that moment. The gift of Sound Baths during the training was an added and (much loved) bonus. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of tuning forks, singing bowls, your voice and how to use them for self-healing. Sound is indeed the future of healing. And the future is now. Thank you, Roni for the knowledge and love you are bringing to the world. The training itself was healing”
– (Maura Finn)

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and healing Sound Baths; for holding a safe space for our own healing and practice, and for your support and encouragement as a teacher” –
(Lila-Rose Salmon)

“Not only did I learn a great deal about the application of these beautiful and powerful singing bowls, I also learned much more about the healing effects of sound on a deeper level. I can honestly say that this was one of the most profound and valuable learning journeys of my life and I look back on it with sincere gratitude and joy” –
(Meghan Schalkwijk)

“I just have to thank you one thousand times. All of your treatments have helped me immensely. The Tibetan Sound Healing was dramatic. It was probably the most transformative experience in my life!” –
(Eliziane Dorneles)