October 24 - 10:00


October 29 - 22:00

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Wonderland Healing Center

77/7 Moo 3 , Baan Maduewaan, Koh phangan, Suratthani 84280 Thailand

Ko Phangan, Thailand, 84280

Why Trauma Awareness?

Because trauma exists in every ‘body’. When we fully understand how it negatively impacts the body, brain, relations, and communications systems, we can get better results for our students and clients, creating safer spaces, that reduce the risk of injury, harm, and protect everyone.

This hands-on, certified training is for facilitators, coaches, teachers, practitioners, therapists, healers, community leaders, and medical professionals – anyone who is in the business of helping others.

The aim is to provide you with a new lens through which to better understand how to safely work with those who have a trauma history – which is almost everyone.

Curriculum covers:

* Embodied Resourcing and Grounding
* Nervous System Response the five F’s
* Attachment and Relational Systems
* The Importance of Choice
* Attunement and Presence
* Wheel of Consent
* Boundaries & Communication
* Understanding Dissociation
* Creating Safer Sessions & Events
* Hands-On Somatic Practices

Through live lectures, dyads and group practice, we explore trauma triggers and dissociation, attunement, embodied consent, the science of the stress, survive and thrive responses of the nervous system, and impacts on behaviors, boundaries, relatability, and safe communication capacity, while learning simple and effective techniques to use in both classes and sessions

The curriculum is 30% theory and 70% experiential, offering you new skills to bring to your classes, one-to-one sessions and community events, immediately.

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Led by Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gemini Adams, CF, CTREP, STR, and an expert teaching team, who share decades of experience in cultural change and social justice, mental healthcare, somatic therapies, education, international development, youth work and embodied psychotherapy.

Join us from 23th – 29th October, 2021 at the serene Wonderland Healing Center on Koh Phangan.


Early Bird offer is open NOW – apply before 22nd August for only $555 – save $444!

“This training is life-changing — I wish I’d learnt this all in school!” — Lexi, EFT Practitioner

“Powerful. Both professionally and personally. I think everybody could benefit from this eye-opening knowledge – whether you’re a teacher, a judge, or a parent. I highly recommend!” — Isabelle, International Aid Worker and Doula

“The best training I’ve ever taken! The team was so focused on creating an inviting, soothing space that the group felt like “safe” family right from the start.” — Aleksei, Facilitator & Software Engineer

“This was a game-changer for me!” Matteo, Tantra Festival Organiser and Men’s Retreat Facilitator

“I had no idea why I’d been feeling this way most of my life. I now understand it was due to my autonomic nervous system being in chronic dysregulation. Learning how to shift my state with the tools you taught, and use them with patients was priceless!” — Jackie, ER Nurse

“I got more tools that I could use for myself and with clients to regulate and soothe anxiety, which will make everyone’s life better!” Jordanna, Executive Coach, Co-Founder of Peace, Inside, Live

HEAR what our past students experienced here >>