Hin Kong is a long stretch of beach on the West Coast Koh Phangans is located. As a bathing beach, it is not worth mentioning because the entire section very flat and the reef is only about 280 meters away. At low tide, the water retreats completely and the Thais collect mussels and small crabs from the bottom of the sea. There is always someone who will be happy to explain to you exactly what is being collected and how it is prepared. For several years, the Mangroves reforested, they are extremely important for the ecosystem as a nursery for a wide variety of sea creatures - and they are beautiful to look at. Particularly impressive in Hin Kong are the Sunsets! In addition to the classic bungalow complexes, there are many small houses for rent, which is interesting for long-termers. The center of the village is the area around the Ananda Wellness Resort, there are also a few here excellent restaurants settled down.

Hin Kong Koh Phangan-Sunset-Mangroves

Activities in Hin Kong

Due to the proximity to Srithanu you have the complete range of services Yoga and Healthy Living Scene within reach. You can Bicycle tours company, or one Kayak rent, or extended beach walks or with one of the Fischer drive out. At low tide, the extensive sandbanks are THE meeting point for sunset walks. People meet in groups to exchange news, some meditate, some play with Frisbies, some do yoga and a lot of people are out there with their dogs, who also have a lot of fun with their fellow dogs. Hin Kong sits comfortably in the middle and is a good starting point to explore the island.

Bars and restaurants in Hin Kong

A perfect spot for the sunset is the Castaway Beach Bar, with fine music and decent cocktails. In Hin Kong, good restaurants of all tastes are almost next door to each other. You really are spoiled for choice here. at Romanzo Tropicale Do you eat excellent Italian, at L'Alcove very good french, at Chana masala tasty indian and at Satipot harmonically Persian. Sonolito and Cafe Wan Serve delicious Thai food, at Phangan Vitamin Sea fresh fish comes to the table and the name Pure vegan heaven delivers what he promises.


 Accommodation in Hin Kong

Hotel Koh Phangan

The Joy Beach Villas

Centrally located and lovingly furnished bungalows with kitchen and pool right on the beach.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Castaway Beach Bungalows

Simple wooden bungalows with hammock directly on the sea.


Seacroft Bamboo Village

Refreshingly different!

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From Thongsala you follow the coastal road scooter for about 15 minutes. If you are going by taxi, you have to expect about 150 Baht. Taxi fares can vary widely and depend on season, number of passengers and time of day.

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