Koh Phangan car hire - rent a car on Koh Phangan!

Carefree on the move on Ko Phangan - reserve your insured rental car here - with a child seat if you wish.

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Child seat?

Small car prices
  • 1-6 days: 1200THB / day
  • 7-13 days: 1150THB / day
  • 14-21 days: 1000THB / day
Pickup prices
  • 1-6 days: 2200THB / day
  • 7-13 days: 2000THB / day
  • 14-21 days: 1800THB / day
SUV prices
  • 1-6 days: 2500THB / day
  • 7-13 days: 2250THB / day
  • 14-21 days: 2000THB / day
  • automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • 4 or 7 seats
rental contract
Minimum age: 21 years. Passport or 20.000THB must be deposited as security.

Tank filling is not included in the rental price.

Provision and pickup. of the vehicle between 6 and 18 clock for free

The rented vehicle is at Viriyah Insurance Co. ltd. insured. Auto Amount: 10.000THB (Yaris) / 20.000THB (Fortuner).

Rent a car on Koh Phangan: You have to pay attention!

More and more holidaymakers decide on Koh Phangan not for a scooter but rather for a car to explore the island. 

Sure, it's fun to explore the island by scooter, but it's also dangerous. Unfortunately, far too many inexperienced tourists on Phangan rely on partly powerful motorized two-wheelers and these trips often end in severe accidents. In addition to their own driving experience, other road users, bad road conditions and stray dogs play a role that should not be underestimated.

By car you are definitely safer on the road. Especially for families with children, we recommend the rental car a scooter or motorcycle preferable. But even when driving on Koh Phangan you must pay attention to some things.

  • Never rent vehicles that are not insured! It can always lead to an accident, which then quickly becomes very expensive! Please note that Much of the rental car on Koh Phangan is NOT insured!
  • Drive on Koh Phangan discord slow and forward-looking! Always remember that the streets of the island very are dangerous. In addition to many inexperienced tourists, many of the Thai drivers also interpret the traffic rules on Phangan very ... differently. There are also sharp bends, unobservable roads due to the inclines on the mountain and the dogs often sleeping on the streets.
  • Although the roads on the island are getting better and better, there are still some places that are accessible only with four-wheel drive vehicles. Even with the SUV car you should only go with a lot of experience in the area!
  • In Thailand, left-hand traffic 😉 applies 

How much is a rental car on Koh Phangan?

The car rental prices are in the range 1000-3000THB per day depending on the vehicle and rental period. For 1000THB you may find ate Suzuki Jeeps, but they are often offered without insurance. Especially in the low season, generous discounts are granted for longer stays. You can rent the rental cars Toyota Yaris and Toyota Fortuner from us here for 30.000THB or 50.000THB. The landlord reserves, however, only in the low and low season for longer term rentals.