Her Majesty Queen Suthida is celebrating her 44nd birthday today. In her honor, June 3rd is an official holiday across Thailand. So schools, offices and authorities are closed.

Thailand's new queen, an extract from the official biography of the Royal Household Bureau, Public Relations Department:

Queen Suthida

Source: Royal Household Bureau, Public Relations Department, Prime Minister's Office, Thailand

Suthida was born 1978 in Bangkok. After one Bachelor's Degree in Communication Science at the private Assumption University, she first worked as a flight attendant for Jalways Airlines, which today belongs to Japan Airlines, and then for Thai Airways.

When 2014 divorced the then crown prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, now king of Thailand, with Princess Srirasmi Suwadee, Suthida appeared as a new woman at his side publicly. From August of the same year she held the office of Commander of the Crown Prince Guard.

In December, 2016 Suthida rose, with the appointment to Commander of the special forces the Thai army, to the general's. Since July 2017 she is the Commander of the Aide-de-Camp Department the Thai army. This is a honorary post with an important relationship of trust. An aide-de-camp is not only the direct link to the other parts of the chain of command, but also supports its supervisor with advice and assistance, pays attention to the preservation of the protocol and takes care of his personal well-being.

Marriage at the 1. May 2019 King Maha Vajiralongkorn Suthida finally appointed himself during a ceremony in the royal palace in Bangkok Queen of Thailand.

The color of the queen is purple, since she was born on a Saturday. Saturday is dedicated to the god Phra Sao, his planet is Saturn and his element is fire. The picture below shows the Flagge from Queen Suthida.

Flag Queen Suthida

We wish your Majesty Queen Suthida a happy birthday.

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