Immediately after the entrance you will find on the left a short info about the rules of a Buddhist life in English. Further ahead, the roof, which is covered with thousands of mirror mosaic particles, glistens in the sunlight ... and right hand hell is going on

Wat Samai Kongka -
Hin Kong Ko Phangan

Wat Samai Kongka

Hell in Buddhism - There is too!

Also in Buddhism there is the idea of ​​a kind Hell. In Wat Samai Kongka you'll find an impressive representation in the form of life and larger than life, handmade sculptures. It is that Realm of retribution, one of six realms to be reborn for a lifetime.

First you become too Phy Yom brought, this weighs the good deeds with the less good and then decides where to come. The punishment is related to what you did. So will liars cut out the tongue, rapists a trident rammed into the genitals, for Abbey eXERCISES comes the abdomen in the vise, fraudsters are the eyes gouged, alcoholic must drink boiling oil….the list is long and eerily imaginative.

Unlike the Christians, for example, the poor sinner knows that this condition does not last forever. Once you have atoned for your transgressions, you start again in one of the five other realms.

If you've seen enough of the abominations in the Realm of Vengeance, you're invited otherwise peaceful temple district to linger under shady trees. Then, with just a bit of luck, the monk Phra Olarn, who is also the board of directors, may beckon you over and invite you in for a chat. Everyone is welcome to ask questions and engage in a dialogue about life together.

This is quite unusual in itself, as most monks do not speak English, but I was really surprised when the master switched to very good German with a big laugh. He lived in Switzerland for 13 years and has family members there.

In worldly life, Phra Olarn was a successful businessman, but the time to give and share came for him, he told me.

From Monday to Thursday, he offers Vipassana meditation classes and teachings in Buddhism. Every man and woman is gladly seen, fear of contact can be confidently put to the hat.

Of course, as in any religious building, here as well: Behave respectfully, cover your shoulders and knees, take off your shoes when entering a temple or platform, and especially for women, no body contact with the monks is allowed - no shaking hands either. Of course, donations are welcome, as courses and instructions are free of charge.

At Wat Samai Kongka, you have a rare opportunity to get a more in-depth look into the belief and value system of your host country!

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