There is a real one in Thailand Run to a local plant that is said to help with the infection with the corona virus or could even prevent infection. You can find out what is behind it and where you can get the herb from here.

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Since I have not had a fever for years, I honestly had never heard of it until recently:

Fah Talai Jone has long been known as a medicinally effective plant in Thailand. Traditionally, a tea is made from the plant, which should help with fever and infections, among other things.

This tea is extreme (I mean EXTREME) bitter, which is why capsules are mostly used today. The plant that actually Kalmegh or Andrographis paniculata is also under the name King of Bitters or Green Chiretta famous.

Kalmegh actually comes from India and Sri Lanka, but also grows in Malaysia and Thailand, for example.

How does Kalmegh work?

In Ayurvedic medicine, the plant to protect the liver and respiratory tract used. Antipyretic and cleansing effects are assumed, which weaken the course of the disease and should contribute to the faster resolution of the disease.

In addition, a strengthening of the immune system is assumed in Thailand, which is why many Thai people are currently taking Fah Talai Jone preventively, which has already led to it completely sold out in many provinces at a hunt.

Today there are even scientific studies that show positive effects in the treatment of colds.

Wikipedia writes:

In several studies, the effects on cough, sputum, nasal problems, headache, fever, sore throat, earache, fatigue and sleep disorders were examined and positive results were found.

Does Fah Talai Jone help with a Covid-19 infection?

There are of course no scientific results on this at this time.

Already in February it was pointed out that Fah Talai Jone could help to contain the coronavirus or at least alleviate the symptoms in the case of an illness: The plant that Covid-19 could stop.

I learned from friends that by taking the autumn, they made dengue fever diseases significantly more bearable.

Of course, as always with natural preparations, there are also voices that describe the herb as ineffective. Even the Anti-Fake News Authority of Thailand has pointed out that Fah Talai Jone does not help with the corona virus.

But after talking to many Thai friends and expats who have lived here for years and who all knew about the plant and use it, I also bought a few packs

Can I take Fah Talai Jone / Kalmegh safely?

It is basically a plant that is legally available and can be consumed, bought and sold. However, we do not recommend Fah Talai Jone capsules to take permanently. In addition, pregnant women should not use the herb, and caution should also be exercised with low blood pressure.

Where can I get Fah Talai Jone capsules on Koh Phangan?

If you want to take Fah-Talai-Jon capsules or have them at home for security, we will be happy to contact a local supplier. Presumably, the stock will soon become scarce here too, so it is better to strike right away:

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Where can I buy Fah Talai Jone in Germany?

If you want to use Fah Talai Jone / Kalmegh in Germany, I recommend you this preparation with 400mg Andrographis paniculata per capsule. 

Because Amazon is currently experiencing delays in delivery and it is possible to completely stop shipping, I recommend that you place an order in a timely manner.

Did you already know Fah Talai Jone or Kalmegh? How are your experiences Please tell me in the comments