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What is detox?

All these methods have the same goal - the body should be detoxified, cleaned of harmful substances that make us sick. With every meal we eat, the body absorbs toxins that it does not excrete easily. This leads to diseases, obesity, chronic fatigue but also mental problems.

There are many different approaches, like one Detoxification of the body should be made. Some say Drink water for seven days is enough to rid the body of toxins. Others think that one effective detoxification only with one colonic irrigation and intestinal cleansing is possible. The spirits are different and in the end it is important that we meet during the fasting feel good and, above all, that our body is much better afterwards.

Here on Koh Phangan There are many famous ones healing centerswho have been around for years and have a great reputation. Each center has its own approach with matching Detox Program, However, what is the same with everyone, the opinion is that one successful detoxification the body also one colonic irrigation belongs. The method officially Colon cleansing is controversial in Germany, but is used there by non-medical practitioners. The healers on the island swear by the cleansing effect, Some say that if the intestine is not completely cleansed of all poisons and debris, human beings will always be susceptible to disease despite healthy diet and exercise. Scientifically proven is the effect of colon cleansing Of course not, but that's the least alternative healing methods, As a support during detox, most centers offer Yoga classes, mediation, steam saunas, massages and Reiki treatments on. So not only the day is filled, but also the detoxification process sustainably supported.

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How do you decide for or against a complete detoxification of the body?

Maybe you have asked yourself before, what is detoxbut are you already thinking about detoxifying yourself with detox drink and therapeutic fasting? Who up Koh Phangan at a Detox Program If you want to participate, you should first inform yourself completely about the therapy and possibly also consult a doctor or alternative practitioner. One thing is very important: The body must be healthy to survive the exhausting process of detoxification!

Besides, of course, a question of the type, whether you look at one fasting on Ko Phangan gets involved. Anyone who has always consulted a medical school doctor for illnesses and is also happy to help with antibiotics to get back on their feet will probably not feel well on this island. But who is open for natural remedies and alternative healing methods and also believe in their effect, which will most likely be between his cookies Yogis, healers, vegans, raw foodists and find others.

Alternatives for at home or in combination with other courses on Koh Phangan

Not everyone is immediately ready for the strenuous procedure of fasting in conjunction with daily intestinal irrigation. As an alternative, there is a intestinal cleansing in advance at home or while staying on the island. In addition, there is a wide range of courses and treatments, on Koh Phangan, which are also good for body, mind and soul.

The most famous detox center on Phangan

We have the best known facilities for you Phangan listed, which offer a detoxification. On the corresponding websites of the centers you will find information about the detox programs, but also information about the accommodation and other offers, such as Yoga classes, If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment, or us here.

The Sanctuary Thailand

The special thing about this place is, among other things, the location. The Sanctuary is located on the beach of Haad Tien, at the Eastcoast Koh Phangan (Not to be confused with Haad Tien / Tian on the west coast of the island). This section of beach has no concrete access and can only be reached on land by 4x4 off-road vehicles. Who this part of East Coast wants to reach, takes, depending on the swell, adventurous journey by longtail boat from Haad Rin out on yourself. But just this arduous approach is responsible for the special charm of Haad Tian, Promenades, supermarkets, large hotels and full beaches are sought in vain here. What you will find are palm trees, secluded coves, a jungle paradise and much rest and relaxation. Who wants to experience his detox far away from the hustle and bustle, for a stay in The Sanctuary be the right one.

Ananda Wellness Resort

The detox center of Ananda is located on the quiet west coast of Phangan, more precisely on the Bay of Hin Kong, The beach, which is accessible only by crossing the street, is not necessarily suitable for swimming, as the water is very shallow at this point. However, the quiet long and wide sandy beach of Sri Thanu just five minutes drive away. To compensate, the beautifully landscaped grounds offer a small Pool for refreshment. The resort is relatively quiet on the edge of Hin Kong And yet there are shops and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The beach of Hin Kong By the way, it offers fantastic for long beach walks. You can also enjoy wonderful sunsets.

Orion Healing Center

This resort is quietly located on a small outlying bay of Srithanu on the west coast of Ko Pha Ngan, Also, this bay is not suitable for swimming due to the very shallow water level. However, the quiet, long and wide sandy beach is Sri Thanu in just five minutes walk. Srithanu even offers everything you need, even a small health food store can be found here. Who particularly value Yoga and meditation puts, finds here a paradisiacal environment. The plateau is built directly to the water and in the early evening you can enjoy the sun salutation towards the sunset. Everyone else can enjoy this magical time of the day in a hammock in the cozy restaurant.

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