I am aware of the post Coronavirus Koh Phangan is getting pretty confusing. I hope you understand that I will keep this format anyway: I deliberately only summarize things on this blog that have been brought to me from verifiable sources.

Anything else would simply be too dangerous in these times.

But things change particularly quickly in Thailand... and there are always a lot of “people in charge” who want to tell the press something. This “news” sometimes requires confirmation from a higher institution… or is revoked by it.

Incidentally, all major media outlets in Thailand and Asia are also struggling with this problem, but you can probably see a mistake or a correction sooner than me on this small blog.

Therefore you can here continue to follow all developments with the respective date. (So ​​also those who may have been taken back 😅

Here I would like to offer you a summary of what is currently happening here on Koh Phangan and what needs to be considered, as of April 4.4.2020th, XNUMX.

Covid-19 in Thailand - what you need to know now!

▶ ️ curfew from 22 p.m. to 4 a.m.

This curfew applies nationwide and is monitored by the police and military in cooperation! Violations can be punished with up to 40.000THB or 2 years in prison! If you are traveling to or from an airport and can confirm this, you may also be traveling during this time! Other exceptions are limited! #stayhome

no “gatherings” of more than 2 people, families excluded of course! This also applies to the beaches! A minimum distance of 1m must be observed on Koh Phangan! This is not advice, but an official order from the health authority!

Petals to seal off the island were handed over to the responsible persons by locals

A complete “lockdown” is now only a matter of time. It may not be clear to the individual who has not taken some of the instructions very carefully beforehand that even one more desired Lockdown will fall back on us sooner or later.

▶ ️ Immigration will take place on April 8.4. on-site (= Koh Phangan) extend visas

▶ ️ Ferries are still running

▶ ️ Anyone arriving on the island must fill out a form and go to home quarantine.
Exit for purchases is allowed, but calls from the KPG Health Department to check if the person stays at home are possible

▶ letzter Last return flight for German citizens next week

▶️ Many other provinces have already declared a complete “lockdown”, and hotels have to close in several provinces.

Did I forgot something? Please let me know by commenting on the page!

A small appeal at the end:

Opinions Coronavirus does not belong here. I don't just mean that not on this blog but also not spoken publicly in this country by us as foreigners.

Regardless of what we believe or don't believe, we are considered Foreigners be the first to suffer if we don't take rules or regulations seriously or even ignore them. It will fall back on us.

Nobody here in Thailand is interested in what the individual thinks of a mask requirement and curfew. Complain and demonstrate, we have these rights (maybe?) In our home country. Please, please keep this in mind and, if necessary, also remind one or the other friend.

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