The national emergency was only declared in Thailand on March 26, 2020, but many people across the country are already concerned with the basic need for food. On Koh Phangan, food expenses and aid deliveries were organized very quickly and in collaboration with all communities.

The already low-income groups are particularly affected, especially the Burmese workforce. It should not be overlooked that Thailand has a social and health system, which, however, absolutely cannot be compared with that of our countries of origin. The state makes money and goods loose, there are deferrals, cheap loans and economic aid. The military is going to the hardest hit areas with field kitchens and temples are handing out free meals and rations.

In general, Thailand has done an excellent job in relation to this exceptional situation compared to many other countries in Southeast Asia.

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We got up Koh Phangan a functioning society that holds together in solidarity and was able in a very short time to Food taxes and Grocery deliveries to organize. Donations of money and goods are redistributed among the operating groups where they are needed, restaurants use their infrastructure and human resources to produce fresh meals in enormous quantities. Here with us everyone helps, regardless of origin, skin color or religious affiliation. The offers of help are also aimed at ALL people who are in need.

Food distribution table

Who visites site and wants to help with his own hands can register here: KPG Today for Tomorrow - Volunteer information 

Donations on site:

  • Select "donate am meal" when ordering from Mama Mia Wonder Food.
  • Donation boxes are available, for example, from Baraka, Orion Healing Center and Eat.Co.
  • Hand in your donation directly to the issuing office.

Tölzer hut

Axel and team from the Tölzer hut initially served free food directly in the restaurant, but now even deliver it directly. Donations in the form of food or money are gladly accepted on site. It will go out again as soon as enough has come together.

Food donations are gladly accepted here:

Donations are possible here:

Woodstock tube for Unpacked


We support this campaign in our Facebook group "Koh Phangan - German speaking community“And act together with Kay Ratta Rattanavadee from Unpacked using the six-eye test principle.


Happy food


Thong Nai Pan Covid-19 Help

A fundraiser by the Swiss community and the locals of Thong Nai Pan. Depending on the funds, food is distributed at the temple or money is passed on to similar organizations.


Conclusion: Koh Phangan sticks together!

We are proud and grateful to be part of a community that, with combined strength and with a calm self-evident fact, helps those who have been hardest hit.

All over the world, people are affected by the effects of the corona pandemic, and despite the social distancing rules, people are moving closer together in other ways. You look at each other, help each other and some even find a chance in the crisis.

What effects of the corona pandemic are you seeing? Share your experiences with us in the comments 👇