Visakha Bucha is the highest Buddhist holiday. It is a moon festival and therefore has one variable date between late April and early June. The festival is reminiscent of the BIRTH, ENLIGHTENMENT (nirvana) and the total extinction (parinirvana) of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, and thus his EXIT from the cycle of rebirth (samsara). Buddha literally means "The awakened one".

The story of the holiday

Buddha, respectively Siddhartha Gautama, has been about 2.500 years ago as richer in India Prince born and grew up protected, protected and shielded from the outside world. He was married to Princess Yasodhara at the age of 16 and had a son with her named Rahula. Although Prince Siddhartha and Princess Yasodhara lived a carefree life in luxury, Siddhartha was unsatisfied and unfilled.

With 29 years the prince renounced this luxury life in order to Life of an ascetic respectively. On his Seek wisdom and redemption as a student he went to two respected Brahmin hermits. But asceticism and meditation did not bring the desired answers or inner peace. Even the religions known at that time and their methods did not bring him to his goal. He found the "Middle way“Which meant that he lived the life of a homeless wanderer and avoided the extremes of other religious teachers.


Aged 35 years Siddhartha Gautama achieved on a full moon night Enlightenment under a poplar fig, also called a bodhi tree. That night, hatred, desire, and ignorance fell away from him. The Buddha then held his before a group of five ascetics who were his former companions first lecture. From that day on, he taught the "Middle Path" for 45 years.

"Well then, you monks, let it be said to you: every appearance must disappear, you can fight tirelessly there." The last words of the Buddha should have been when he was aged 80 years died after eating a spoiled mushroom soup. Through awakening (bodhi) it is possible to step out of the cycle of suffering and rebirth, oneblown away“, In the sense that death is the end of all factors associated with false, personal notions of existence.


How Visakha Bucha is celebrated

It is celebrated with puja ceremonies and Processions, A Puja ceremony is a religious ritual with a creed, associated with offerings and the so-called Transfer of earnings. Here you ask the gods to accept your own merits as gifts, or all beings are asked to enjoy the merits they have earned. It is custom release animals, mostly fish and birds, on this day. You want to show that you work for the benefit of all beings.

The festival originates from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism, which is practiced in Thailand, and is now considered by Buddhist communities around the world most important, common holiday committed. The common roots of the different Buddhist traditions are deliberately highlighted and in many places it is International Buddhist flag hoisted.

Blue: Universal Compassion

Yellow: the middle way

Red: The blessing of practice

White: The purity of Dharma (teaching)

Orange: The wisdom of the Buddha's teaching

What to expect on Visakha Bucha day

Visakha Bucha is a in Thailand National holiday, offices, authorities and banks are generally closed. Since this is the highest Buddhist holiday, individual shops and restaurants may not be open. Sales of Alcohol is nationwide verboten, which is why many bars don't even open that day.

The celebrations take place in the Temples instead of. Visitors are generally welcome and are sometimes simply taken by the hand and involved. If you want to be a fence guest at the ceremonies, please behave respectfully. This is not a tourist attraction, but rather you are in the middle of the religious life of your hosts. Please also remember that when visiting a temple you must generally be dressed “appropriately” – that is, shoulders and knees covered for both genders.

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