What is Songkran?

Songkran is the most important festival in Thailand! On the days of the 13. to 15. April will be the new Year celebrated according to the Thai calendar. The word Songkran - วัน สงกรานต์ - come from the Sanskrit and means "movement / change of the sun from the ram to the bull". This time of year is especially dedicated to the family. That is why on the days before and after Songkran All of Thailand on their feet to get to this big one Party consider for Family be.

Generally the days are over Songkran a time of cleaning and renewal. For this reason, the houses are cleaned on the evening of April 12th. In addition, Buddha statues are cleaned with water. This blessed water is caught and then sprinkled on the shoulders of the elderly. It has to be Luck, prosperity and Success bring.


Songkran move

From the ritual ablutionsThose who celebrated the faithful to go clean and into the new year are now veritable water fights become. Find everywhere in the country Removals instead of anyone who has a vehicle can participate. All that is needed are large bins of water - which often contain a huge block of ice - spray guns and enough party people who douse passers-by with water from the vehicle.

But even those who are not traveling by car, have a lot of fun. There are groups on the streets, also “armed” with water, who spray people passing by. They also paint each other’s faces Cushions or Talcum. The whole spectacle should only be one thing, namely fun - Sanuk , and since Songkran also at the hottest time of the year takes place, the small shower is a welcome refreshment for one or the other.

Songkran on Koh Phangan

Like everywhere else, we say: “Water march“!! All water tank trucks, including the fire engine, position themselves strategically to mercilessly spray the crowd wet or to fill up the huge barrels that are provided in many places. You look at the happy, laughing faces of dripping wet people everywhere.

Impressions of Songkran in Ko Phangan from 2017:

If you want to cool the passers-by properly, you can go to one of the street vendors blocks of ice come in different sizes, which are then filled into the buckets and barrels, and thus cool the water to icy temperatures.

Impressions of Songkran in Ko Phangan from 2019:

Songkran is not only a huge water fight, the festival is also closely linked to centuries-old traditions. Early in the morning, even before sunrise, the believers prepare food that they call Offering either to Temple bring, or the coming over monks hand over. Upon returning to the temple, the donated gifts will be stored in a solemn ceremony consumed. Then the monks read sermons and pray.

Songkran this year

Depending on the region, the holidays last from three to ten days. national Holidays however, are only from April 13th to 15th 2023. After three years of sitting on dry land, the exuberant hustle and bustle is taking place nationwide again.

Who wants to participate in the wet pleasure, should consider different things.

  1. Clothing: Please dress yourself also to Songkran appropriate. Bikinis or swimming trunks belong on the beach! But the best sundress should stay in the hotel, it could get wet and dirty. Please treat Thai people, especially older people, with respect. You can carefully sprinkle older ones with a little water on their shoulders. Anything that shouldn't get wet should stay at home. Even if you don't throw yourself into the fray, chances are you'll have a shower!!!
  2. sunscreen: Protect yourself sufficiently with sunscreen, hat and clothes from the sun. Especially when the skin is wet and you hardly sweat by cooling down, the thought of the danger of the sun gets into the background. However, the sun's rays, due to the reflection just on wet skin especially dangerous.
  3. Traffic: The whole place is on its feet or on the wheels. Everywhere is water, music and exuberant people dancing in the street. Songkran can be a great experience if you don't overlook the dangers with all the fun. Please be careful not to get too close to the vehicles, and if you are riding a pickup yourself, hold on tight.
  4. Alcohol: As with any festival in most cultures, it can also be Songkran happen, that is drunk over the thirst. It is important for you to know that perhaps the driver of a vehicle had a few glasses too much. Please remember, before you get on a pickup or cross the road. Of course, you should also be careful not to drink too much alcohol. Especially in this hot and dry weather it is important a lot of water to take.

Songkran is a huge event, especially for visitors from Western countries. Where else can you be so exuberant, under blue skies with plenty of water as ammunition, with impunity just sprayed every wet? If you are planning a round trip through Thailand, please note that around Songkran the whole country is on the way. Buses, trains and airplanes can already go far in advance booked up and also the hotels in the areas, where Thais prefer to vacation, may be full. In general, it is not recommended to travel during this time because the roads are overcrowded, the risk of accidents is high and your luggage will not stay dry.

Also interesting

Loy Krathong on Koh Phangan

Due to the incidents of the past few years, the government has made several decisions this year Measures developed. With these regulations the high Number of accidents be avoided. In some areas of Thailand, such as areas of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, there is a general alcohol ban.