Loy Krathong (ลอยกระทง) is an annual Festivalwhich is in Thailand and Laos is celebrated. Also on Koh Phangan finds that Festival of lights instead.

Loy Krathong: Meaning and History

Loi Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12. Month in the month traditional Thai lunar calendar instead of. This usually falls on the November.
The name Loy Krathong refers to the “krathongs” – small decorated baskets – that are lowered into the water, Loy therefore means to float or swim. Traditional Krathongs be out of the stump one banana tree or another plant, today often bread or Styrofoam is used. Styrofoam Krathongs should be avoided if possible as they produce large amounts of garbage! The Rafts of bread are becoming more and more popular as they disintegrate in an environmentally friendly way and additionally fill a few fish. The basket is decorated with banana leaves, flowers, incense and a candle, often a coin is added to the basket, as a gift to the river spirits.

Loy Krathong-floating

In the evening of the full moon The Krathongs are drifted on a river, canal, pond or lake. Now is the time to wish for something! The festival seems to have come from an ancient Hindu ritual in which water ghosts were given respect and gratitude.

It is often claimed that Loi Krathong was introduced by a woman named Nopphamat. Today, however, it is known that this woman comes from a legend and did not really exist. King Rama IV 1863 wrote that the Krathongs to the honor Buddhas be left to drift. With the basket, hatred, anger and all impurities of the soul are intended to be “let go” and thus driven away. Thais often lay Fingernails or some hair into the basket, which is a remnant of the ancient worship of hair and nails as the seat of the soul and of life. Just as one lets the bad things go, one praises improvement and underlines the vow with this very personal addition.

Yi Peng Festival

The native of northern Thailand Yi Peng Festival (ยี่ เป็ ง) falls on the same date as Loi Krathong, It takes place on 2. Full moon of the Lanna lunar calendar instead of what the 12. Month of the Thai lunar calendar corresponds.

To be on this occasion Khom Loi, floating lanterns, let rise into the sky. These lanterns are usually made from rice paper and have an oil candle in the middle. When the candle is lit, the hot air inside the lantern lets it fly.

Since the Khom Loy are intended to pose a danger to aviation, in recent years they have been repeatedly banned in certain zones or even completely.

Yi Peng and Loi Krathong on Koh Phangan

yi-peng festival

Many people leave Krathongs on Phangan directly into the sea swim. Often this will be on Pier in Thongsalabehind the old warship, or am Ban Tai Pier done. Many hotels also have krathongs and / or lanterns ready for their guests. However, the weather is often mixed at this time of year, which requires a little patience to light the candles 😉

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Songkran on Koh Phangan

In the sense of a Volksfest meet with family and friends, let his rafts swim and eat and drink together. Lovers love to emphasize their togetherness at this festival by launching their Krathongs together.

Loy Krathong-lettering-Thongsala