The beaches Ban Khai and Ban Tai in the southwest of Koh Phangan lie between Haad Rin and Thongsala, From here you look directly at our sister island Koh Samui, besides, you can be special colorintensive Sunsets experience. The sea is not ideal for swimming, because the reef, which is located about 200 meters off the coast, only allows limited circulation of water. But you can do wonderful long walks on the wide sandbars and behind the reef, the snorkeling is really fun. Almost all resorts in this section now have swimming pools.

Koh Phangan-Ban Tai Sunset

Fishing In Ban Tai is still one of the main sources of income of the local population. There is a small harbor and it is always possible to go out with one of the fishing boats. Also, the companies Kokosnüsse harvest and process are located here.

Ban Tai leads the main road between Had Rin and Thongsala. You could almost say, everyone comes through here. That's why countless restaurants, shops and bars have settled along the main street, even the few Lady bars from Phangan are mostly along this road. Via Ban Tai you also reach the still relatively new road to Tong Nai Pan and Than Sadet in the northeast.

Party epicenter Ban Tai

All big parties off the beaten track Full Moon Party in Had Rin are located here. In the jungle you dance on the Half Moon and Cult Koh Phangan - Waterfall Party and on the Jungle Experience. Oxa Beach and Samsara Beach Club have their locations right on the beach and WOW view point and Retro Mountains impress with an incredible view. Warm up or after parties take place in various bars and resorts, as well as smaller events from time to time.

“Warm up” in the Chill Up Koh Phangan

Such Warm up Location is, for example Chill up on Bantai Main Street. Before all major events, there is usually a DJ and later taxis right in front of the door to take you to the party.

Events take place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and sometimes on Sundays.

👉 Taxis to the Parties on the east coast ( EDEN, Whynam, Lost Paradise...) depart from 711 Ban Tai.

Activities in Ban Tai

Many resorts offer kayaks and snorkelling equipment to borrow and besides you will find two Kitesurf schools at the beach. From the Infinity Beach Club, you can walk along the beach at low tide walk to Had Rin go. You need about two hours for this, you have the option to walk back, or take a taxi for about 150 baht.

In recent years, many saunas have opened on Phangan. The long-established Wat Pho Herbal Sauna was recently renovated. Here, a sauna actually means a steam bath, and in Thailand you take a sauna with bathing clothes. That too Lavella Spa offers a sauna in addition to massages.

If you've had enough of all the hustle and bustle, you can Wat Khao Tam visit and enjoy the view from the temple's own view point. Only opened in 2023 Wildwood Beach Fitness. The open-air gym also offers yoga, pilates, sauna and ice bath.

You can find out what else you can do on Koh Phangan here.

Restaurants and Bars in Ban Tai

Im Chill up there is Western and Thai food, delicious cocktails, beer (and wheat beer) and the opportunity to play billiards in a stylish atmosphere.

Im Restaurant Ratatouille is cooked with love and heart, which you definitely taste. Chef Thomas even makes his own mustard! At the Sunset Walk Ban Tai It is very nice to drink cocktails, who is hungry can choose from different restaurants. For authentic Thai food, it's best to do that Nong View Restaurant a visit. If you also want to have a view while eating, look no further View Point past the road to Haad Rin. There you can enjoy your cocktail in the pool after your meal. in the Milky Bay Resort the grilled specialties are especially recommended. That Waikiki Beach Garden Resort offers excellent European and Thai cuisine. Coffee lovers be that Alpha Cafe highly recommended. You will find many bars on the beach as well as along the street that are open late into the night.

Koh Phangan-Ban Tai Chill-up-by-night

Accommodation in Ban Tai

Hotel Koh Phangan

Sea Love Bungalows

The bungalows, like the whole resort, are designed with love. The rooms are not very big, but bright and clean. A nice pool is available.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Milky Bay Resort

The whole complex is located in a bamboo grove which keeps the heat away from the spacious rooms. The deep pool offers true cooling.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Summer Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

A new, opulently furnished holiday complex with excellent wellness offer and restaurant.


A single road meanders from Had Rin to Thongsala, in the middle is Ban Tai. You follow this road, no matter which of the two places you are in. From Had Rin you need about 15 minutes with the scooter, from Thongsala about 10 minutes. The stretch from Had Rin is a bit more challenging, as it leads down many turns and uphill. The taxi ride costs about 150 Bath, no matter from which port. Taxi fares can vary widely and depend on season, number of passengers and time of day.

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