The Makha Bucha day is a major Buddhist holiday and also national Holiday in Thailand. According to the Buddhist calendar, this day falls on Full moon of the third lunar month (Pali: Magha), i.e. late February or early March. This year it's that March 6, 2023. On this day, offices and authorities are closed and the sale of alcohol is prohibited. 

The story of the holiday 

According to legend, this festival has its origins in one spontaneous meetings of 1250 monks who independently decided to visit Buddha in the bamboo grove near Rajagrha in India. 

Buddha also has this day in his last year of life promulgatedthat he was within three months to die is. 

In Thailand the makha Bush Hey there "Day of the fourfold meeting"Because the Buddhist monastic community (sangha) came together for the first time for a meeting that had these four characteristics: 

  1. 1250 monks came without being called up beforehand. 
  2. all monks were enlightened 
  3. each of the monks was ordained by the Buddha himself 
  4. this happened on the full moon day in the Magha month


Buddha preached this to the congregation Patimokkha exhortations. It is a matter of living in accordance with the Buddha's instructions: do not harm a living being, do not speak ill of third parties, moderate yourself in eating, adhere to the precepts, live in seclusion, profess a high level of spiritual training. 

In the kingdom Siam the novel  makha Bush wahrscheinlich 1851 celebrated for the first time. king mongkut (Rama IV) is said to be in the course of the establishment of the Thammayut Nikaya Order one makha Bush Ceremony in the Wat Phra Sri rattan Satsadaram (today Wat Phra Hello) celebrated. 

Who makha Bush is celebrated 

Believers find themselves in the temples Donations to be handed over to the monks and their sermons listen. After dark the monks lead the way Candle processions on. All wear the "Triple offering”With himself: a burning candle, three burning incense sticks and fresh flowers. This should be sent to the "Dthree jewels of Buddhism"Remember: Buddha, his teaching (Dharma) and the monastic community (Sangha). 

In Bangkok leads King Maha Vajiralongkorn in the wat Phra Hello the religious ceremonies and the procession. 

At the site of the Dhammakaya Foundation Thousands of monks and hundreds of thousands of Buddhist lay people gather to meditate with guests from all over the world. 

dhammakaya pagoda

Who visites  like to be there can go to the nearest temple. Often, by watching, at the invitation of the monks, participate. Please pay particular attention on major public holidays correct clothing, Shoulders and knees must be covered for both sexes, and one neat appearance. 

On this holiday, Buddhists pay special attention to the five Virtues to be observed: do not harm any living being, do not take what does not belong to you, refrain from sexual misconduct, do not lie, refrain from alcohol and drugs. 

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