Asanha Bucha is celebrated on the full moon of the eighth month according to the Thai lunar calendar. It follows Khao Phansa, the so-called Buddhist Lent. Both days are legal in Thailand Holidays at which offices and authorities have closed and no alcohol may be sold. This year Asanha Bucha and Khao Phansa fall on the July 31 + August 1, 2023.

Asanha Bucha

The festival is reminiscent of the Buddha's first speech in front of his followers in the Sarnath deer park after he was enlightened. In this speech, the Foundation stone of Buddhism placed. Buddha speaks of Dhamma wheel, the wheel of teaching, and also of the four noble truths:

  1. Truth of Leiden : Life in the life cycle is painful.
  2. Truth of the Cause of suffering: The origin of suffering is desire.
  3. Truth of Ende of suffering: When the cause goes out, the suffering goes out.
  4. Truth of Way to the end of suffering: the path of exercise leads to the ending of suffering.

First lecture-in-Hirschpark-von-Sarnath1

It is considered special merit to present the “Gift of Light” on this day, which is why the population brings candles, but also other donations such as flowers, incense and money, to the temples.

How many important Buddhist festivals are celebrated with Puja ceremonies and Processions. A puja ceremony is a religious one R with a creed, combined with offerings and the so-called Transfer of earnings. Here you ask the gods to accept your own merits as gifts, or all beings are asked to enjoy the merits they have earned.

Khao Phansa

The next day begins Khao Phansa, which literally means "start the rainy season". Buddhist Lent is also said, but this term is not entirely correct because there is no special fasting. It is actually the beginning of the three-month rainy season exam, and the time when young men are for a limited time to enter the monastery. The candles, which are up to two meters high and often artistically decorated with carvings, burn throughout the retreat and serve the monks, although today only symbolically, as a light source for reading the sacred texts. Because during these three months the monks and novices are only allowed to leave the temple in exceptional cases and then only for a maximum of seven days. During this time, they devote themselves intensively to studying Buddhist teaching, meditation and their duties as a monk.

The reason for this, but very long, "curfew" is handed down:

As Buddha's disciples became more and more numerous and went on their walks, Indian farmers complained to him that the monks often trample down the freshly-planted rice seedlings during the sowing season. In addition, since there was a great danger that by carelessness more small animals could be trampled than usual, Buddha decreed that all monks would stay in their monasteries for three months.


What happens on this important holiday

In Bangkok The Thai king replaces the light summer time robe of the Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaeo with the rainy season robe.

Im Wat Phra Phutthabat Woramahawihan, in the northeast of central Thailand, the Tak Bat Dok Mai festival is celebrated. At that time, the flowers in the mountains around the temple Dok Khao Phansa flower, which is presented to the monks and novices on their long processions.

In Ubon Ratchathani there is a colorful move with huge candles and wax statues.

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