There is currently great uncertainty due to new "visa rules", which is actually not the correct name. Which entry regulations apply to Thailand currently you can read here.

The military government in Thailand has started against so-called Border runner proceed. The Visa requirements in Thailand allow citizens of many countries to enter the country without a visa. This exemption, often referred to as "visa on arrival", applies exclusively to tourists and most countries (including Germany) for a period of 30 days.

It has always been intended that tourists leave the country after a maximum of 30 days, as this period is more than sufficient for a normal holiday. Officially, and only in exceptional cases, it was permitted to extend this residence permit through a so-called border run. Earlier by 30 days, then for a long time only for 14 days, for some time now for German citizens again for 30 days.

Update: From August 29th, new rules regarding the extension of a “Visa on Arrival” will apply: Instead of just 7 days, the stay can now be extended by 30 days to a total of 60 days for every immigration within the Kingdom! The fee is still 1900THB. It is expected that 10.000-20.000THB cash, flight tickets and proof of accommodation will be required, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

The reality, however, is that (in the future), foreigners are constantly residing in Thailand and simply crossing a border on a regular basis, only to return directly and extend the residence permit. On the other hand, nothing was done, even if this practice had not been welcomed before.

Visa requirements: What changes?

From now on, a direct re-entry will not be approved without good cause. This type of visa extension is an abuse of the system that the current government no longer wishes to tolerate.

Thus, the "Visarun Crackdown" primarily affects people who have stayed in Thailand longer without the necessary visa. Even for tourists who need a few more days in Thailand, for example, due to a round trip, no problem should arise. Because in this case you can show airline tickets, hotel bookings or other details of travel planning, which should be accepted in the rule.

Change for tourist visas

Who in Germany or a neighboring country of Thailand before entering tourist visa with multiple entries will continue to have no problem with entry and exit.

However, it can be assumed, more precisely there are already corresponding reports, that immigration will also ask questions of those “tourists” who apply for new visas in neighboring countries after their tourist visas have expired and have been doing so for some time. In this case, too, this is understandable on the part of the government, since normal "tourists" do not need to stay in the country for several months. At the moment it is assumed that the majority of the people living in Thailand work illegally here, one of the reasons why action should now be taken.

Update July 15.07.2014, 12: This information is also currently uncertain! At the borders in the south of the country, i.e. those that most likely affect tourists on Koh Phangan, no “in-out” or “back-to-back” entries/exits are currently permitted! Even with tourist visas, a direct return trip to the kingdom is not possible here and only an international flight will allow you to return to Thailand!! From August 60th, this will apply at all national borders! According to the current status, a tourist visa with multiple entry is not intended for staying in Thailand for more than XNUMX days with only minimal interruptions!

This means that there is still no legal possibility for people who want to live in Thailand without working there, but are not married to a Thai and are under 50 years old. An education visa, for example in connection with a language course, can be a way out, but here, too, stricter controls are to be expected, so the corresponding school should actually be attended!