What is the cost of accommodation on Phangan?

On Koh Phangan there are numerous accommodations in all price ranges and for every requirement. The prices vary depending on the season, location and facilities.

Seasons on Koh Phangan:

The most expensive season is the Peak Seasonstarting on Phangan beginning / middle of December and ending in mid / end of January. From February it will be cheaper again, then the High Season, which lasts until about April. Following is the Off-season, which returned to Koh Phangan in about July of the High Season is replaced. In September / October then begins again Low Season, which goes to early / mid-December.

Sabai Beach Resort on Haad Plai LaemIf you want to visit Phangan in the off-season to save some money, you should know that this is usually the rainy season. However that is Climate on Koh Phangan quite pleasant all year round.

Another season that only exists on Koh Phangan is the Full Moon season, Every month, when the moon shines bright and round in the sky, the Full Moon Party takes place Haadrin Beach, held in the south of Koh Phangan. Two to three days before and two to three days after this event, hotel prices skyrocket. Partly doubled or tripled the price per night. There is also a minimum stay of four to five nights, which require some accommodation, especially in Haadrin. Also some hotels that are not within the area Full Moon Party lie, have these restrictions. So if you want to travel Phangan during the Full Moon Party, you should seek accommodation early enough. Especially during the high and peak season, there are tens of thousands Joyous celebration to the island and fill the hotels.

Location of the accommodation:

Chaloklum-koh-phangan-beachThere is hardly a place or beach on Koh Phangan where there is no bungalow complex, hotel or house for rent. Only on the east coast is the choice of accommodation a bit more limited.

Generally speaking, the bungalows or hotels that are in a popular location are, of course, slightly more expensive than the accommodations that are in less interesting surroundings. The coveted hotels include obvious ones that offer direct beachfront location. But also the bungalow resorts, which are a bit elevated and offer a wonderful view over the island, are in the relatively higher price ranges. Basically, popular places on Koh Phangan are, as mentioned above Haadrin (Fullmoonparty), but also Haad Yao, Haad Mae Haad, Chaloklam, Srithanu and Thong Nai Pan.

Thus, a fancy beach bungalow, which costs eg 2000 THB per night in Haad Yao, with the same equipment in Baan Tai can only cost 1500 THB.

Accommodation Koh Phangan - costs depending on equipment:

From a simple bamboo bungalow, to a well-appointed hotel room, to an exclusive villa, you can find just about every type of accommodation on Phangan. The prices below are average prices, which vary according to the season and the location of the accommodation. There is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for at this price, the overview is just a guide to the cost of accommodation on Phangan.

  • Bed in a dormitory from 100 THB / night
  • Simple bungalow (bamboo, wood) with fan and cold water from 200 THB / night
  • Concrete bungalow (concrete) with fan and hot water from 400 THB / night
  • Concrete bungalow / hotel room with air conditioning and hot water from 800 THB / night
  • Concrete bungalow / hotel room with air conditioning, hot water, TV, fridge, safe etc. from 1200 THB / night
  • Villa with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and pool from 4000 THB / night

On Phangan there is also the possibility to rent a house or a villa per month. Depending on the landlord, costs such as water, electricity and TV are already included or added to the rental price. The landlord often gives discounts if you rent for a longer period of time.

  • Simple wooden house with one room, fan, bathroom and kitchen from 5000 THB / month
  • Concrete house with a room, fan, bathroom and kitchen from 8000 THB / month
  • Concrete house with one room, air conditioning, bathroom and kitchen from 10000 THB / month
  • Concrete house with two rooms, air conditioning, bathroom and kitchen from 15000 THB / month
  • Concrete house with two rooms, air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen and pool from 20000 THB / month