The time between Christmas and New Year is "Peak Season" Koh Phangan - right now most of the tourists are on the island. In 2012 there were up to 80.000 vacationers over this period. As one of the top party destinations in Asia, Koh Phangan is of course a very popular destination over New Year's Eve. A particularly large number of Australians come to Thailand especially for this event. Haad Rin is and remains the venue for the biggest party - right here on Sunrise Beach (Haad Rin Nok) Every year about 30.000 people celebrate!

Most hotels have a booking restriction over the Christmas period and require a minimum stay of 5-7 days. It is advisable to book accommodation well in advance, especially if you want to be on a specific beach. All well-known hotels in Haad Rin, for example, are often fully booked several months in advance.

The New Year Eve countdown in Haad Rin and the Full Moon Party In December, the biggest parties of the year are in Haad Rin. In addition to the general safety tips, an additional (even greater) traffic should be considered - the travel time from Ban Tai to Haad Rin is at least two to three times. This should be noted if you do not want to spend New Year's Eve on the bed of a pickup taxi!

The party on the beach, around the Cactus Baroften lasts until noon the next day. Of course there will be enough after-parties for those who do not want to go to bed!

If you want to spend a quieter New Year's Eve, you do not have to decide against Koh Phangan. There are plenty of alternative events, smaller parties and also beaches and resorts where you can greet the new year in peace. Koh Phangan offers so many options in such a small space: One of the largest open air events in the world at one end of the island, while at the same time at the other end of it, the year is unmolested romantic seafood dinner can end.

Prices on New Year's Eve are very high on Koh Phangan and many resorts require a minimum stay of 5-7 days. Even though December and January are “peak season” on Koh Phangan, there is another particularly big full moon party in the summer, more information about that here.