The Full Moon Party is still a huge event after years, attracting thousands of visitors every month. No matter what month you go to Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Come, you always expect a huge spectacle with several thousand revelers. Nevertheless, there are differences in the number of visitors throughout the year.

In which month to the Full Moon Party?

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Of course, it is entirely up to you, but if you have the choice, it is advisable to visit the Full Moon Party to plan something. For example, if you are in Thailand between July and August, or August and September, it is obvious that the Full Moon Party to visit in August. This is the biggest party of the summer and is developing to second largest party of the year. In contrast, September and October are in low season, which leads to correspondingly fewer visitors. Of course, a smaller party can have their charm. Especially in December and January it gets very crowded, which is not for everyone. The New Year's countdown in Haad Rin is also a special event that attracts the most guests together with the Full Moon Party in December. Should you plan during the Peak Season From December to February for the party in Koh Phangan, be sure to book a hotel early as the island attracts crowds at this time, and good accommodation can be scarce.

While the parties from September to November are not advisable due to the weather, you can definitely consider a full moon party between March and June. The Weather is relatively good during this time, prices are significantly lower and the island is not that crowded. Between March and June you don't usually have to expect rain showers for days, the sun is shining for the most part ... Exceptions of course confirm the rule, as always.

Conclusion: your decision

Many tourists famously visit Koh Phangan to attend a Full Moon Party. Although the island has much more to offer, of course this is understandable: after all, it is one of the largest party in Asia and one of the largest regular open air events worldwide. Which party you ultimately go to is up to you. August, December, January and February tend to be the biggest parties on Koh Phangan. Expect many tourists on the island and fully booked accommodations. September to November are rather rainy months, which is why fewer visitors come to Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party. The parties from March to June are well attended, but not overcrowded. The price level on the island is a little lower during this time.

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