The decision was taken either to settle permanently on Koh Phangan or to get involved holiday home to treat yourself on the island. Of course, a home in an upcoming vacation home can also be considered financial investment to be understood - another reason one property to buy or build on Koh Phangan.

The decision whether it should be a completed house, or you prefer your own wishes in a designed for you New Build wanted to see implemented, should be well considered. The Buying a house At first glance it seems a lot easier: Pay, move in, feel good. If your budget - in relation to your requirements - is rather tight, this can be the more convenient way. However, is it important to you to have a beach Villa a new building will be inevitable just to be allowed to call your own according to your ideas. On building project in Asia it may sound like an adventure, but it is easy to implement today - but more on that later.

Buy land on Koh Phangan

According to current Thai law, foreigners can not own land in Thailand. So how and where can the dream house be built? The safest (and of course legal) way is the conclusion of a Leasing contract over a total of 90 years. It is one rental contract over three times 30 years. It should also be stated in writing that the lessee has at all times the possibility to place the contract in one Purchase contract this should be a Thai Company or change the relevant laws. In this way you can theoretically also Buy real estate in Thailand, or lease.

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Important also: A lease for more than three years must be submitted to the Land Department in the Property deed be registered, otherwise the contract is without object! Generally, only land should be purchased that has one Chanote deed  or Nor Sor 3 (Gor) Certificate. There are other land titles in Thailand, but the purchase of land without Chanote or Nor Sor Sam (Gor) is associated with great risks!

Land for sale on Koh Phangan: Haad Tien

Good to know: It is not the case that buildings erected after 90 years together with the property in the ownership of the land owner, at least a corresponding compensation must be offered.

If a property has been found in a perfect location, the planning of the dream house begins. If you do not have (foreign) experience in the construction industry, it is advisable to give the building completely into the hands of a professional construction company. Phangan is home to several experienced construction companies. In addition, some real estate service providers offer to take over the complete construction supervision on site. This is especially useful if it is not possible for you to monitor the construction progress on site.


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