Thongsala is not only the largest town on Koh Phangan, but also the capital of the island. Travelers from every corner of Phangan meet here, as the ferries to / from Koh Samui, Koh Tao and the mainland (Don Sak and Chumphon) regularly depart from Thongsala Harbor. Directly opposite the pier there are restaurants, an 7 / 11 supermarket as well as a shop for scooters and cars, as well as the well-known and popular bakery Nira's Bakery to linger.

Thongsala is not just a place for transit. This is where Phangan's life takes place. For example, you find a big one fresh marketwhere fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are sold. All banks have their branches in Thongsala and you have a large selection of travel agencies, scooter rental companies, internet cafes, drugstores, massages, hairdressers and convenience stores. The tourist police maintain a small guard right by the pier, the large police station is then just outside the center.

Just outside, on the road from Tesco Lotus towards Woktum / Srithanu (Middleroad) Tree Angle Viewpoint Bar & Restaurant, From there you have a great view over the whole city, you can also stay overnight here. Follow the road for about five minutes until you see a sign on the left for Tree Angle see. Attention, it is a fairly steep road.

The Big Chill Koh-Phangan Viewpoint

What to do in Thongsala:

A highlight in Thongsala is the weekly Walking Street, On Saturdays between 16 and 22, the connecting road between the pier and the street fills Ban Tai (Chinese Street) with stalls. In addition to a variety of Thai dishes, here also clothes, jewelry, perfume and much more is offered. One or the other interesting souvenir can be found here for sure. Do not be surprised if everything around 18 o'clock suddenly freezes around you because the Thai national anthem is being played. All hold in their respective activities and thus show their respect. In the Chinese Street is also the shop that the Phangan T-shirts sold.

Shopping makes happy! After Thongsala you drive to combine the useful with the pleasant. You have things to do, such as loading the Thai sim card, or buying clothes pins at the 20 baht shop, and at the same time having a look at the latest additions to the fashion shops, or choosing the new favorite piece of jewelery, such as: Lek Art in the passage opposite the Bangkok Bank, Bang !! Bang !! and Time in Chinese Street, Nice Bazaar at Ban Tai Road, Pann Fashion in the curve at the Fresh Market, Moon Tribe and Nok Shop in the direction of Tesco, Det Tawan Silver Jewelry right after the hairdresser Sexy Scissors, Beaton macrame Jewelry in the Soi Krung Thai. To see everything and not miss anything, you should really scout the entire street with side streets - you never know where the one, special piece hides. In between you can take a break in a café, or relax with a massage.

Eating in Thongsala:

The Night Market - we love him! The equally popular with locals and tourists is located next to the Panthip Plaza and therefore has the name Panthip Night Market, On the large square, the salesmen set up their stalls from the afternoon hours. Is dismantled when the supplies are empty, or the visitors are fed up. Traditional Thai dishes like the spicy Papaya salad, Curries and noodles are offered here alongside sushi, sweet dough dishes, meat skewers and kebab. But there is also a large selection of fresh fruits and fruit shakes on the market. Those who can't get enough of the night market can try fried rice, pizza, fish & chips, grilled fish, Indian or Greek at one of the restaurants in the covered food court, which is directly connected to the square.

In Thongsala there are still countless more excellent Restaurant and food stalls, for example: Tölzer hut and German Schnitzel House Serve, as the names suggest, German cuisine. Unrivaled on Phangan is Satimi Ice CreamWherein Soho Bar & Grill There are burgers and ribs in perfection, at Aunty's authentic thaifood, at Zen do you eat japanese and with you? Eat.Co Have you found one of the best vegan restaurants on the island? Just outside the center, at the Tesco Lotus, opposite the turnoff to the Middle Road, is a classic Kao Ka Mu Restaurant, Here, pork or chicken is served on rice, with different sauces and a bowl of soup.

 Accommodation in thongsala

Hotel Koh Phangan

Firefly Bungalows

Charming bungalows on the beach, with air conditioning or fan only.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Secret Garden

A secret garden in the middle of Thongsala. The spacious bungalows have a kitchen. Cool off the pool.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Angkana Hotel Bungalows

Tasteful bungalows in a garden with pool, located directly on the beach.

Tip:: The sunsets in Thongsala are a dream. Depending on the season, the sun sets beside or behind the small island of Koh Tae Nai, just outside Thongsala. Sit at the pier or enjoy the sunset from the square next to the big military ship. The fantastic colors of the setting sun immerse the whole city in a different light. The just dusty and busy place will be quiet and relaxed.

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