Haad Yao (East) is hidden behind Laem Nokrong. It's a beautiful white sand beach that's as soft and fine-grained as it is Haad Rin (Nok) is. Haad Yao is nicknamed Paradise Beachwhich is quite justified! The approximately 400 meter long bay is lined by impressive large, smooth rocks and behind the beach rises lush green jungle. There is no paved road connection, so Haad Yao is best reached by boat, and you should pay attention to how the weather develops, as on the east coast sometimes high waves and boats do not drive.

Traveling by scooter is only recommended for experienced drivers with a semi-manual or manual scooter or motorcycle. Some sections of the route have to be overcome on the way there, but cause problems on the way back, especially during and shortly after the rainy season! Another option is of course to walk to Haad Yao. In any case, you will find the turnoff to one of the last pristine beaches on the island on the way to Thong Nai Pan. A sign “Paradise Beach – The last Paradise” shows you the way. Simply follow the further signs or keep to the right. It should take you about 2 to 2.5 hours to walk from here. It is not a jungle trek but rather an unpaved road, which means that the entire path offers no shade, so remember to take appropriate sun protection and plenty of drinking water.

There is a bungalow complex with very simple wooden houses on Haad Yao East Beach, but generally very few holidaymakers come here because of the remote location. But once a month the Lost Paradise Party instead, and the bay vibrates under the fine techno beats. The event lasts two days and attracts Phangan's birds of paradise. You can take the boat or the 4 × 4 pickup taxi to the party.

Also, electricity is not available in cable in Haad Yao. However, the complex on Paradise Beach has generators and solar panels.

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