Probably the most famous place on the island: Haad Rin, located at the southern end of Koh Phangan. Here is the legendary Full Moon Party instead of. Haadrin consists of two beaches: Haad Rin Nai and Haad Rin Nok. As with many places on Phangan exist different spellings, such as Had Rin, Hadrin orHat Rhine (Rin Beach).

This beach is located on the west coast of Koh Phangan, not to be confused with the world famous Full Moon Beach Haad Rin Nok, which is located on the east coast. The Place Haad Rin connects the two beaches together.


The Haad Rin Nai is divided into two parts by a narrow mountain foothills. The southern stretch of beach adjoins Haad Rin and is accessible from the pier, as well as from the road through the resorts and bungalow resorts. The northern section can only be reached from the main road, which rises above the sea Thongsala .

Haad Rin Nai is a long, bright sandy beach that allows a fantastic view of Koh Samui. At high tide, the beach can be very narrow and especially the southern part is not suitable for everyone for relaxed sunbathing, since Haadrin's harbor is nearby.

However, from Haadrin Nai beautiful sunsets with views of Koh Samui and also for a beach walk this part of Phangan is very suitable.

Right here also begins the coral reef that lays around the south coast. From April to November, due to the low tide, swimming on the beach side of the coral reef may not be possible.

 Accommodation in Haad Rin Nai


Sunset Beach Villas

Simple cottages right on the beach, with pool and aircon.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Sea Breeze Resort

Modern rooms with very comfortable beds, outdoor pool and open-air rooftop restaurant for incredible views.

Hotel Koh Phangan

The Coast Resort Koh Phangan

Stylish resort with pool, including swim-in bar, spacious rooms and excellent breakfast.

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With a length of over a kilometer and wonderfully white and fine sand, Haad Rin Nok is one of Phangan's most beautiful beaches.

Here, over 30 years ago, the first backpackers were stranded who were searching for new, unknown places from the neighboring island of Samui. At about the same time - about 1985 - also found the first Fullmoon party held at Haadrin Nok. In the beginning it should have been about 30 party willing who celebrated under the moon on the beach. Meanwhile, depending on the season, 10.000 to 40.000 guests.

During the day the sunbathers loll, tourists play Volleyball, whiz on one Jetski through the sea or Schnorcheln through the shallow, turquoise blue water - there is a separate bathing area, so swimmers, jet skis and long tail boats do not get in the way. From here you can with the taxi boat once around the corner Haad Yuan drive to the east coast.

In the evening, Haadrin Beach is transformed: the jet skis are driven away, the restaurants set their tables on the beach, the freshly caught fish is offered and guests enjoy it Dinner on the beach, At the same time, the bars, clubs and bucket sellers are getting ready for the night and soon the first beats of the latest party songs are sounding. The later the evening, the more the beach fills with partygoers. The different bars and clubs play different music, some show an exciting fire show and those who prefer it quieter, the sits down a bit outside the beach.

Actually, Had Rin Nok offers something for every taste. Only when the legendary Fullmoon Party takes place - once a month - does the small seaside town become a huge party destination. Thousands of tourists, traditionally dressed in neon clothes, colorfully painted and with bucket in hand, conquer the beach. For many the highlight of their journey, for others a nightmare.

If you would like to spend your holiday in Haad Rin, in one of the bungalow resorts, hotels or a hostel, inform yourself about the Fullmoon appointments, you will not be surprised.

We have dedicated Asia's largest beach party to a dedicated page on our homepage. There you will find everyone Data and information: Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan

 Accommodation in Had rin nok


House of Sanskara

The resort is a bit quieter right on the beach at the northern end of Haad Rin Nok. The bungalows are clean and spacious. The attached restaurant offers good food.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Tommy Resort

A legend right on the beach, with pool and 24-h reception, the rooms have a fridge.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Little Paradise

A piece of the Paradis with cable TV channels in air-conditioned rooms with fridge, breakfast included.

Haadrin itself, the place of Haadrin Nai and Haadrin Nok connects, is a small place that focuses entirely on tourism. In Had Rin, there is everything the Traveler's heart desires. Countless shops, such as massage parlors, a wealth of restaurants offering dishes from all corners of the world, bars with different music styles, clubs, Tatoostudios but also clothes shops and jewelry shops can be found in the small streets. Between the many shops with souvenirs and Full Moon Party Shirts, more and more high-quality clothing and jewelry shops are settling in Haad Rin.

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