Paradise found? Haad Thong Reng is a small bay on Koh Phangan's East Coast. The easiest way to reach this beach is via the small bridge at the southern end of Than Sadet. Keep right when you reach the abandoned bungalows and after about 50 meters you will discover the beautiful Haad Thong Reng. It's just below the Airport site, As a rule, you will be alone here or only meet a few other tourists. The bay has deep, clear water and is ideal for swimming (beware of jellyfish!)

There is no accommodation in Thong Reng except for an abandoned resort (which bungalows are inhabited from time to time). If you want to live nearby, we recommend this bungalow complex in Haad Sadet.

Through the now completed road to Haad Sadet Thong Reng is also relatively easy to reach by scooter or car. Alternatively, long tail boats from Thong Nai Pan, Haad Yuan or Haad Rin

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