Haad Than Sadet is located on Koh Phangan East Coast, at the foot of the Than Sadet waterfalls. It is a relatively small bay surrounded by high hills and cliffs. The water here is deep, which on the one hand allows swimming all year round, on the other hand, but can be dangerous for children, as the seabed really drops very steeply in front. Especially in the rainy season, as on all beaches of the east coast, there can be high waves and strong currents.

Than Sadet was first visited 1888 by King Churalongkorn (Rama V), who visited the waterfalls and bathed in them. Rama V visited Than Sadet more than ten times. Other kings of Thailand also came to this place, which translates roughly as "river visited by kings". Visible evidence of these visits are the royal inscriptions on several rocks. Rama V is immortalized above the waterfall on the road to Haad Sadet with a statue.

Than Sadet Royal Statuette Rama 5

Than Sadet is due to its historical importance, as well as the impressive flora and fauna protected national park area, For example, where the river flows into the sea, quite large monitor lizards (monitor lizards) can often be observed. As the resorts go seamlessly into the jungle, monkeys often come down to the beach, and even Phangan's colorful birdlife shows off its most magnificent side. Thansadet is ideal if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility, and the sea and nature are enough entertainment for you.

UPDATE - June 2019: From now on, the National Park, including Than Sadet Beach, will be charged 100 Baht per person.

Activities in Than Sadet

Directly from the beach you can follow the river and the Waterfalls explore with their countless steps and pools. The entire route is about three kilometers. Since this is not a vertical crash, but level heels, you do not have to go extremely steep uphill. Several parking facilities have been created on the street, from where you can also get to the water, without having to start at the bottom. Than Sadet always runs water, of course more or less depending on the amount of rain, and is worth a visit throughout the year. Please take enough water on your exploratory tours on foot! Along the cliffs it is nice too Schnorcheln, but you have to pay attention to the surf. At higher swell it can push you against the rocks covered with shells, which then gives bad cuts. About the small bridge at the southern end of the beach you can, and you should definitely, to the neighboring bay Thong Reng to run.

Bars and restaurants in Haad Sadet

This beach is beautiful, but if you are looking for nightlife or the amenities of a small town, you should just stop by for a day trip. The nearest 7 / 11 or a larger selection of restaurants is located about 15 minutes scooter ride away to find in Thong Nai Pan. By boat you can reach Haad Rin and the Eastcoast parties like Lost Paradise and Guy's Bar quite quickly, but the return journey can be quite expensive at night. The resorts' restaurants serve good, authentic Thai food, fresh fruit and shakes, and a selection of Western food.

 Accommodation in Haad Than Sadet

Hotel Koh Phangan

Mai Pen Rai Bungalows

Rustic wooden bungalows without air conditioning but with everything you need, right on the beach or high on the cliffs.

Hotel Koh Phangan

Plaas Thansadet Resort

In addition to simple wooden bungalows, there are also some newer ones with air conditioning. The view from the restaurant is legendary!

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Than Sadet can now be easily reached via the beautiful, wide Tong Nai Pan Road. From Thong Sala Pier, drive along Ban Tai Road along the coast towards Haad Rin. In Ban Tai, turn left at the Yoghurt Home and 7 / 11 crossroads and follow the road until the signposts take you to the second exit (right) at the roundabout. Then you drive until you are more or less on the beach. The journey takes about 30 minutes and is a steep ascent and descent. If you take a taxi you have to count on about 400 Bath per person. Taxi fares can vary widely and depend on season, number of passengers and time of day.

Alternatively, you can also travel with a long tail boat, for example from Haad Rin or Thong Nai Pan. If you want to go directly from Koh Samui to Than Sadet, there is a speedboat available. The ride takes only about 40 minutes, while ferry plus taxi or rented scooter need at least 1,5 hours.

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