Haad Maehad is a beach in the northwest of Koh Phangan. The place Maehad continues to grow and meanwhile there are a large number of resorts and bungalow complexes, as well as restaurants and bars. In the village you will find everything you need on vacation. The sunsets in Mae Haad behind or around the adjacent island Koh Ma are legendary. Koh Ma is connected to the island mainland by a sandbank and depending on the water level you can walk on the small island. The best time to swim is between December and March, when the water is pretty low. Of course, a visit is possible throughout the year and worthwhile! Koh Ma is a famous diving and snorkeling spot, protected as a Marine National Park. The beach is large and spacious for local conditions. Here are many big, old trees that give you shade. It has managed to maintain the jungle feeling over long distances. From here is Chaloklum with all its shops, bars and restaurants quickly reachable by scooter and the beautiful Haad Khom Beach is also ideal for a trip.

Activities in Mae Haad

You are at one of the best snorkeling Spots from Koh Phangan. The islet of Koh Maa belongs to the national park. Thanks to this, the underwater landscape is intact and with a bit of luck, you can even spot turtles and reef sharks. With rental canoes It is worth paddling around Koh Maa to discover small sandy coves and caves that are otherwise inaccessible. If snorkelling is not enough, you will find one too diving school in Mae Haad. If you want to explore Koh Maa on foot, we recommend you to wear tighter shoes to climb carefree on rocks and cliffs. At the Wang Sai waterfall An adventure park has been set up. It is a climbing park with zip line and so on, you can visit the waterfall itself for free. Be on the beach Massages offered and you can of course book various excursions.

Wang Sai Adventure Park

Restaurants and bars in Mae Haad

First of all, be the one 360 bar recommended. You will find it, when you drive at the fork Maehad / Utopia Resort on the right, ie to Utopia, and then follow the signs on the left up the hill. Here you can expect good music, cocktails, snacks and an excellent photo backdrop for the sunset. Also located in lofty heights is the Tree House Bar, There you sit with very good Thai food traditionally on seat cushions at low tables. in the Big O RestaurantIn front of the Wang Sai waterfall, you will also be served wonderful Thai food. Good international food can be found at Maehaad Bay Resort.

Three Sixty Bar Ko Phangan Maehad

 Accommodation in MaeHad

Hotel Koh Phangan

Maehaad Bay Resort

A new, large complex with pool, fitness center and good restaurant. The rooms are spacious and bright.



Hotel Koh Phangan

Mae Haad Cove Bungalow

The bungalow complex is simple and authentic, located directly on the beach.


Coming from Thong Sala Pier, turn left at the Tesco Lotus onto Middle Road and follow the signs to Chaloklum until the signpost to Mae Haad prompts you to turn left. With the scooter you need about 25 to 30 minutes. If you are taking a taxi you will have to pay around 300 Bath per person. Taxi fares can vary widely and depend on season, number of passengers and time of day.

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