Haad Gruad is a small bay that lies between the larger and more famous beaches Haad Yao and Haad Salad lies. (Towards the south you first reach the slightly larger bay Haad Tian (West), It is a very quiet place with only two resorts, which invites you to listen to the sounds of nature.

The beach is a mixture of rather coarse-grained sand and coral remains, a real treasure chest for shell collectors. The water here is very suitable for swimming at high tide, as it is actually deep then. The sea floor is covered with stones, but they are not sharp-edged. If you swim out a little, the water will get lower again and you will find the coral reef that surrounds the whole west coast. Due to the short distance between the reef and the beach, there is a great opportunity Haad Gruad wonderful for snorkeling. A kayak trip to the neighboring beaches is also fun. Here, however, you should keep an eye on the tides, as you could get stuck on the reef at low tide.

 Accommodation in Haad Gruad

Hotel Koh Phangan

West Coast Beach Resort

All accommodations are air-conditioned, larger bungalows with kitchens are available and the complex offers a pool.



The last part of the road down to the beach has now been provided with two concrete lanes and is now passable without any major problems. Alternatively, you can of course “arrive” from the neighboring beaches by kayak.

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