Haad Tian (west), also Haad Thian / Haad Tien, is a small bay located between the larger and more famous beaches Haad Yao and Haad Salad lies. Heading north you first reach the smaller beach Haad Gruad.

The Bay Haad Tian on the west coast is by far not as well known as the homonymous Haad Tian on the east coast of Koh Phangan, which is a lot bigger.

Haad Tian West only has a single resort on the edge of the bay. The beach, a mixture of sand and coral remains, is freely accessible. The water here is very suitable for swimming at high tide, as it is then relatively deep all year round.

This applies at least to the area directly on the beach. If you swim out a little, the water will become lower again, as this is the coral reef that surrounds the entire west coast. The short distance from the reef to the beach makes it possible Haad Tien wonderful for snorkeling.

 Haad Tien (West) accommodations

Sense Asia Haad Tien (west) Koh Phangan

Sense Asia

It is idyllic in Haad Tian Bay. The complex has a large pool and a good restaurant.

In the area behind Haad Tian is currently a small Residential area on Koh Phangan, The first houses are already finished, some of them can also be rented by tourists. Basically, it is incomprehensible why Haad Tian (or Haad Tien) is so unknown. It is the ideal place if you want to retreat to a beautiful, natural beach.

The road to the beach has now been completed and is passable without any major problems. By the way, the “arrival” can also be done by kayak Haad Yao a lot of fun, with some experience.

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