For your skin is one Thailand holidays an exceptional situation. Not only the much stronger sun In addition to the high humidity, increased sweating, insect sprays and salt or often pool water.

Particularly sensitive skin is quickly overwhelmed by these influences. We give tips on how to protect yourself!



The sun in Thailand is stronger all year round than the “German” sun in midsummer. It is therefore advisable, even for those who have already tanned, to have one at least for the first few days sunscreen to apply. Because already who in his life only five severe sunburns fetches, is twice as high cancer risk!

Finding cream with SPF in Thailand is easy: in fact, almost every one contains it Bodylotion in Thailand UV protection. However, these are usually sun protection factors of 50 or even 80, which will not exactly be conducive to the often desired complexion. In addition, the creams usually advertise whitening effects. Conventional sunscreen with Protection factors from 10-30 are only bought by tourists in Thailand and are therefore correspondingly expensive. So it makes perfect sense to change your sunscreen to bring from Germany. But did you know that esome chemical UV filters in Sunscreens trigger allergies or have a hormonal effect. The expired Sonnencreme from last year can even be carcinogenic in extreme cases!

Sunscreen is harmful to people and the environment

Traditional sun creams contain many harmful chemicals, which enter the organism through the skin and put a strain on your detoxification organs, i.e. liver, kidneys and intestines. The ingredients of a sunscreen are absorbed through the skin through the pores and thus enter the bloodstream.

What's in there?

For example Benzophenones, Oxybenzone, Cinnamate, PABA, Salicylates, Digalloyl Trioleate/ Benzoic Acid, Homosalate, Octinoxate, Methyl Anthranilate, Avobenzone, Retinyl Palmitate. Sounds really healthy, doesn't it? The UV filters oxybenzone and Octynoxate e.g. B. damage the genetic material of fish and corals. If you want to continue to admire the underwater wonderland while snorkeling or diving, you should make sure that these two active ingredients are not contained in the sunscreen.

 The alternative: coconut oil!

coconutCoconut oil provides one course alternative to your conventional sun protection, which is also available everywhere in Thailand! Coconut oil protects the skin from free radicals and prevents skin aging. It has a anti-inflammatory effect and regenerates skin dried out by the sun. And indeed, coconut oil offers one natural protection against UV rays and helps you get a healthy tan at the same time! Please note, however, that the sun protection factor is only approx. 5-10. If you have sensitive skin, you should use a different sunscreen, at least initially, such as this one Sun Lotion by eco cosmetics with LSF 30. You can find coconut oil in many shops on Koh Phangan. Some of the coconut farms also sell their coconut oil directly. Freshly pressed oil costs around 150 baht.

Other influences on the skin

As already mentioned, it does not stop with sunburn or harmful sunscreen. Your skin is suddenly exposed to a completely different climate. By increased perspiration irritation can often occur. Another factor is the long stays in the water, with the main problems being caused by the chlorinated pool water. Salt water has beneficial effects on the skin for most people. Many travelers use daily during their stay in Southeast Asia mosquito repellents, which can also often contain harmful substances. Here, too, it applies that these are at least partially absorbed through the skin and must be broken down through the liver and kidneys.

Care for your skin before, during and after the holiday

tococare-productsAll of these factors add to the influences that we are exposed to on a daily basis. These include air pollution, mechanical stress or unhealthy food and beverages. If this process is not stopped, the skin not only ages, in the worst case it can lead to neurodermatitis or skin changes or even cancer. To counter this is Vitamin E are essential. Vitamin E in cosmetics However, it is usually only contained as a synthetic product, of which only about 5% can be absorbed through the skin.

The alternative: Vitamin E purely vegetable

Vitamin E pure vegetable It is possible to produce, but much more expensive. As an alternative, you can use natural cosmetics with vitamin E, the so-called Toco Tri-enols To fall back on. These are absorbed 10 times better by the skin and work directly “on site”. You can find appropriate creams and other care products at TocoCare, for example. Vitamins E cream or Vitamin Trio – E, D3, K2 can both for daily care as well as to Treatment of sunburn, Skin dryness or joint problems are applied.

Our tip: TocoCare acute Take with you on vacation, the ideal and 100% natural relief for sunburn.