Yoga - The way to inner peace and knowledge

Yoga has its origin in India and is one religious and philosophical doctrineto gain divine enlightenment. There are many different forms and types of yoga, which can differ fundamentally from each other: whether with focus on meditation or on physical exercises, the different schools aim to bring the body into harmony with the soul. Nowadays one can enter Holiday in Thailand Combine perfectly with yoga courses: for example, you can spend a dream vacation on Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, as well as being introduced to the philosophy of yoga.

The history of yoga

The first traditions about yoga are at least 3.500 years old, and yet the first written evidence can be found in the text collection of the Upanisads. The Bhagavadgita poem, in which Krisna tells his warrior Arjung about the teachings of yoga, is also considered to be one of the foundations of yoga. Yoga refers to the principle of the 5 ways:

  • Hatha-Yoga, Way of body training: This is probably the best known form of Yoga in the West, as it mostly refers to practical, physical exercises and is offered in many courses. 
  • Bhakti-Yoga: this path involves surrender to a higher principle such as God.
  • Karma-Yoga: the path of right action, where you should always be aware of the effects of your actions.
  • Raja Yoga: the path of self-control in which one should follow the eightfold path of Patanjali.
  • Jnana Yoga: the path of knowledge.

Hatha yoga made its way via India to Tibet to Thailand, where it took a further development: into Thai yoga massage. In this form of yoga, various stretching and stretching exercises and pressure point massages are carried out, which are intended to lead to both physical well-being and knowledge. The “father” of Thai yoga massage is Jvaka-Komrabhacca, who himself was a follower and friend of Buddha. According to tradition, he learned a lot about yoga and its principles from Buddha and developed it further after his return to Thailand. Even today he is still revered and respected as the founder of Thai yoga massage.

Yoga on Koh Phangan

The Middleway on Koh PhanganOften everyday life in Germany is too hectic and packed to really get involved with the teachings of yoga. What could be more obvious than combining yoga with a vacation in Thailand? Here you have the peace and quiet to concentrate on your inner being and to absorb the teachings of yoga. Especially the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, such as Koh Phangan, are almost perfect for getting a taste of the world of yoga. Here is the optimal one Travel time for Thailand  Between December and April, the sea is calm and the weather is warm and stable.

The Middleway at Thong Lang Bay on Koh Phangan is a facility that offers various yoga courses for beginners as well as advanced. The facility with 12 bungalows is especially for Individual travelers and YogaSuitable for enthusiasts, but snorkeling courses and much more are also offered in the facility, which is located directly on the beach. You can find more yoga and detox resorts in this article.