Thaifood recipes and famous Thai dishesThai cuisine incorporates various Asian aspects and is considered one of the best cuisines in the world. Rice is the staple food in Thailand, so “eat” in Thai even literally means “eat rice”. Popular types of rice in Thailand are jasmine rice (the scent of Thailand) and of course sticky rice.

A dish in Thailand usually unites the flavors sweet, salty, sour and sharpThis can be done in a single meal as well as in several dishes eaten together. A typical Thai menu often consists of one Soup, One Curry or one salad as well as a grilled or steamed Fish with sauces and vegetables as a dip.

Thai food initially tastes exotic for the western tongue and is often even said that you can not assign the individual flavors. However, most Thaifood dishes are relatively easy to cook, as the preparation is almost always straightforward. The Thais are very proud of their cuisine, which is quite justified. However, you don't need any special skills to make dishes that are similarly tasty. A little practice is also required here. The only problem in Germany could be the Asian ingredients, which, depending on where you live, are not easy to obtain and are often overpriced and not authentic. We have therefore linked special ingredients in recipes with an Asia online shop, where you can order food from Asia at low cost.

Special ingredients used in Thai food dishes

  • noodles: In addition to rice, the Thais eat noodles almost as much, but there are different varieties that differ not only in shape from each other. On the one hand there are rice noodles in different breadths, which are mostly used in soups or Phad Thai. Other types of noodles: Bami noodles made from wheat flour and yellow, Khanom Jiin, white rice noodlesthat are particularly popular in the south or Wun Sen, glass noodles made from mung bean flour.
  • Thai eggplant: This special type of eggplant is largely unknown outside of Asia. The taste is roughly comparable to that of “our” eggplant, although the Thai eggplant is round and also firmer than conventional eggplants. By the way, there are eight different types of eggplant. 
  • Galangal: The Thai ginger tastes different than the ginger known in Germany and should not be replaced by this.
  • lemongrass
  • fresh coriander: Fresh coriander is used and the roots are also part of Thai cuisine!
  • basil: The so-called Thai Basil does not have much in terms of taste or appearance in common with the basil used in European cuisine. There are also different subspecies. Coriander and Thai basil can you grow yourself.
  • Fish sauce: The fish sauce is used in almost every Thai dish, it is used for seasoning and instead of salt. By the way, fish sauce tastes good not like fish!
  • Oysters sauce: The oyster sauce is thicker than fish sauce and tastes salty, but has a slightly sweetish taste.
  • Tamarind: Used as paste or sometimes used fresh and gives dishes a sweet and sour note.
  • And of course different types of rice, especially sticky rice is typical for Thailand.

Of course, this list could go on for a long time. But don't let that put you off: Many of the tastiest Thai dishes only need a few of these special ingredients and with increasing Thai food experience you will learn which ingredients can be replaced by others! If you cannot buy some ingredients in your area, you can easily buy them order online.

Famous thaifood dishes

What is eaten in Thailand? This is certainly one of the most famous and popular dishes in Thailand Curry in different versions. Also popular nationwide Som Tam (papaya salad), Tom Yam Guung, a sour-hot shrimp soup and of course pad Thai, a Thai “fast food” noodle dish. Of course, each region in Thailand has its own specialties, which can only be discovered by visiting Thailand. Nevertheless, we have started to put together some Thai food recipes for you:


Thaifood recipes