Koh Phangan News – Most of you probably know it: “Manu and Mausi", or Manuel Bücher and Stephanie Elsaeßer, came together with VOX and the show in 2013 Goodbye Germany - The emigrants to Koh Phangan. But what happened to them?


At the beginning of 2013, VOX shot with the two of them on Koh Phangan, including in Haad Rin. The Augsburgers planned to open a lounge bar. Typically for the emigrant show, the search for a suitable location was already arranged in a scandalous manner ...

sunset-pearl-bar-thailand-phangan (5)As a location for the Sunset Pearl Woktum was finally chosen in the former Sunset Bar of the OK bungalows, Maybe this was already a bad omen? (A few years ago there were rumors that a member of the original owner family was involved in a tourist murder).

After some difficulties, however, Manu and Mausi were able to open initially and quickly made the Sunset Pearl one of the most popular bars on the island. With a good concept, the excellent location, first-class DJs (e.g. the German chart topper Alle Farben) and probably also through the application on German television, it was actually very good for the two. The success of the Sunset.Pearl is by no means exclusively to reduce the television team, in addition to many German tourists were also other nationalities and locals to the regulars. Certainly VOX contributed to the good start, but with their presentation on television Manu and Mausi were sometimes unsatisfied.

... maybe too good?

Unfortunately, too much success on Koh Phangan quickly leads to envy. Difficult to prove, but perhaps this was one of the reasons for the problems that have now arisen. The police repeatedly intervened during parties in the Sunset Pearl. The reason given was disturbance of the peace, but it quickly became clear that the bar was a thorn in the side of an influential resort operator in the immediate vicinity. This dispute reached its peak in early 2015 and the emigrants had to permanently close the Sunset Pearl Bar: the police prohibited any further party, which deprived the two of them of their main source of income. Logical consequence: The Sunset Pearl was for sale offered.

La Vida Loca goes Haad Rin: Sunset Pearl Party at Chang Pueak Resort

la-vida-loca-koh-PhananBut Manuel and Stephanie have not given up: Since the beginning of the year, the transition has been The Vida Loca Parties are hosted at a resort in Haad Rin. Unfortunately, the two could not find a location for a new Sunset.Pearl in the meantime. The search was additionally by interim Restrictions by the military as well as a planned Restructuring of Koh Phangan difficult.

Will there be a return of the Sunset Pearl?

The two emigrants are currently back in their home in Augsburg. So you have the chance to have a party with Manu and Mausi in Germany at the moment ... Events will be held at the Facebook site announced! Despite the statement in one InterviewNot to dare to emigrate again is one thing Return to Koh Phangan for the high season 2015 / 16 currently scheduled. We hope that a new location for the Sunset Pearl can be found and of course keep you up to date!


Time to say goodbye! 🙁 Big thanks for the best and craziest years in our Lifes…. Hope to see you soon magical Island and lovely friends!

Posted by Sunset Pearl on Saturday, May 2 2015


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