The Khao Tam Temple is located on a mountain in Baan Tai, In addition to the temple buildings and a lookout point, you will also find a Buddhist meditation center that is also accessible to foreigners.

Only a relatively small sign shows the driveway to Wat Khao Tam. You will find the temple at the end of the street, where also the Nois Magic Show and Art of Living lie. 

Wat khao tam

Please always pay attention in Thai temples!

Please enter temples in Thailand only in appropriate clothing:

  • No miniskirts
  • no bathing suits
  • no stomach free
  • no topless tops

Before entering a temple building are discord take off your shoes. Keep calm, do not touch or climb Buddha statues, and do not point your feet towards Buddhist relics.

The facility is relatively small and the temple Hall at the top of the mountain rather unspectacular, but still has a special atmosphere, since everything is surrounded by dense jungle. 


1988 has the Buddhist nun Mae Chee Amorn Pun here with the help of the Australians Steve and Rosemarie Weissman a Buddhist meditation center founded for foreigners. The two Australians have left Thailand 2013 and meanwhile the meditation courses of Dr Marut Damchaom (Mae-ti-ko) executed. Because of the regular courses As a visitor you are asked to keep quiet and not to talk to participants of the Wat Khao Tam Retreats.

Wat Khao Tam Viewpoint

In addition to the various small temples and statues you will also find one here Viewpoint with an excellent view over the west coast of Koh Phangan as it is almost up to the temple by scooter or Rental car This viewpoint is much easier to reach than, for example, the Viewpoint at Paeng Waterfall or the top of the Khao Ra.


The temple hall is on the right side of the entrance from the grounds, while you must turn left to get to the lookout point. Here you will also find a footprint Bhuddas!


There are also accommodations for monks and participants in the meditation classes, as well as various other Buddhas and statues. A trip to Wat Khao Tam is definitely worth it, just because of the jungle location, which is different from most other temples on the island. 

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