Ko Phangan is an excellent base from which to explore the Thai underwater world. It stretches a long coral reef from the extreme south along the entire west coast to the north of the island. Both directly off the coast and in the surrounding area are excellent diving areas for beginners and advanced. For light dives from the beach to longer excursions by boat, you can experience a fascinating tropical underwater world. If you are not ready for the deep water, that is not a problem either. Just grab your glasses and snorkel and head off into the cool blue. Colorful fish and coral reefs you can see here after a few meters from the beach.

In the west of Ko Phangan you will find the most varied and interesting section of the long coral reef. In the area north of the Fishing Village Sri Thanu The wide sandy areas that dominate the coast further south are smaller and the coral reef is closer to the beach. From Ao Chao Phao to the small one Island of Koh Maa There is something to discover underwater everywhere, almost always floating.

The waters and coral reefs around Koh Ma Koh Ma is over a sandbank of the Beach Maehad from within walking distance. By a coral-free and marked channel approximately in the middle of the beach of Mae Haad you can swim to the reef. There you will find something further out, for example, big groupers, barracudas, fusiliers, angelfish, butterfly fish, squid, shrimp, nudibranchs, anemones and corals, Farther out, that's more for that Diving with a bottle, you can see sea turtles and harmless reef sharks with luck.

Haad Salad is ideal for snorkelling in shallow water. The beautiful reef offers a wealth of colorful tropical fish, hard and soft corals and is only about 150 meters off the coast. Here you can watch, for example, angelfish, butterfly fish, parrotfish and reef perch.

Snorkeling Koh Phangan
In the direction of Haad Salad you come on Secret Beach past. There is that Had Son Resort, with associated attraction "Koh Raham ", A restaurant built on rocks, from which you can jump directly into the water. There you jump into the turquoise blue water with active coral reef. By feeding the fish twice a day, operators can dive around in real shoals of fish.

In the waters off Chao Phao, there are several types of coral fish, blue spotted stingrays, nudibranchs and soft corals. The coral reef is only about 100 meters from the beach. It is just as easy in the Coral Bay - Haad Khom

West of Thong Sala lie the two small islands Ko Tae Nok and Ko Tae Naiwhere you can observe soft corals and big shoals of fish.

Snorkeling Koh Phangan on the east coast

On the east coast of Koh Phangan stings probably the most Haad Yao from where you can discover a colorful underwater world close to the beach, but also in Haad Sadet There is a lot to discover.

From the beach or as a snorkeling boat tour?

You can also go by boat instead of by scooter or taxi snorkeling tour go. Either you speak one of the Longtail boats for example in Chaloklam or you opt for the more exclusive method and hire with friends or family Speedboat! So you can take an exciting day tour around the island and decide where the best snorkeling spot on Koh Phangan lies. The Boat with German speaking accompaniment You can (also for other trips) directly with us book here - great as an additional surprise for your loved ones on vacation! 

The trip with speedboat costs a bit more, es but also cheaper:

Day trip with authentic Thai longtail boat

The of Black Coral Tours organized day snorkeling trip starts in Haad Salad with a real longtail boat and the Thai Captain James. From there it goes to Maehad / Ko Ma and then on to Coral Bay.

Black Coral Tours Koh Phangan

With luck you will see sea turtles, stingrays and groupers during the trip. Snorkeling equipment is on board, as are life vests.

After lunch in Chaloklam Can the bay with Kayaks be explored. Last stop is then the Bottle Beach. Back in Haad Salad you are against 17 clock and are driven from there to your resort or bungalow. The trip costs 900THB per person, who also wants to pay Kayaken 1000THB. A child snorkeling with the parents free With!

It is recommended the trip to reserve here in advance.