There is a lot to see and do on Koh Phangan! We have compiled 7 attractions for you that you definitely should not miss. Most of it you reach comfortable by car or motorcycle.

1. Than Sadet waterfall

Thansadet Waterfall

The waterfall at Haad Sadet may not be one of them Thailand's most beautiful waterfalls, but is of great importance especially for Thais. The former Thai king Rama V, and thus other kings after him visited this waterfall several times. Rama V has left his insignia in one of the rocks there. On the way to the waterfalls, which go down the whole mountain down to the sea, you will also find a statue of the king to the Thai tourists and again and again politicians of the country make a pilgrimage.

2. Chinese temple

chinese temple-phangan

There are over 20 temples on Ko Phangan, this “Wat” on the way to Chaloklam is not built in Thai, but in Chinese style. From there you have a great view over the bay of Chaloklam. A Mrs. Malawan dreamed in the 90ern of the Chinese Buddha Jaomae Kuanim, who commissioned them with the building of the temple. She then went to Bangkok and collected donations for the plant, which was completed 1992.

More temples on Koh Phangan: IMAGE GALLERY.

3. Bottle Beach

bottle-beach panorama

The way to Bottle Beach is worth it, because you find here still one of the beaches, which are only partially accessible by land. Maybe this will not happen soon on Phangan (although there are other bays on the east coast of Phangan, which are only accessible by boat). At Bottle Beach you can stay in two bungalow resorts or just stop by for a day trip. The taxi boats are the cheapest from Chaloklam.

4. Khao Raa Viewpoint

Khao Raa Viewpoint - 10819886_10152559590578131_2121158505_o.jpg

The climb to the summit of Phangan's highest mountain is strenuous, even though Khao Raa is "only" 727m high. The path is still worth it, because at the top you will have a unique view of Chaloklam, Bottle Beach and Thong Nai Pan rewarded.  More.

5. Koh Ma


Koh Ma is a small island in the northwest of Phangan in front of the Maehad beach, The special thing is that the little island can be reached on foot via a sandbank. It is also proven Marine Park Area: You will find an intact reef here and there is a lot in the area snorkeling to discover. Alternatively, from the 360 Bar a great view of the island.

6. Full Moon Party

full moon party panorama


Also, the Full Moon Party is an attraction even for people who do not come to celebrate in Phangan. Where do you see 12 once a year so many people on a relatively small area (the beach is just over a kilometer long) celebrate? Those who do not want to immerse themselves in the party happening can follow the hustle and bustle of one of the resorts or bars on the beach. More information about the Full Moon Party & dates.

7. Top skirt bar


Enjoy the sunset with a cocktail: There are certainly places on Phangan with more “style” than the Toprock Bar. But maybe that’s exactly why it’s so nice here: a small, rustic Thai bar that actually just consists of a platform on the mountain . Unlike, for example, AmStarDam BarThere is only one staircase and no street upstairs. There is a unique view Thongsala and Ang Thong Marine Park, as well as the course Sunset, The Toprock Bar is located above the Haad Plai Laemjust a few hundred meters northwest of Thongsala. In the high season, a DJ usually sets up for sunset.

What are your top attractions in Koh Phangan? More tips and activities here.