Activities and Things to do on Koh Phangan

Water Activities


Koh Phangan is surrounded by several intact coral reefs that lead to snorkeling invite. Equipment can usually be rented directly on the beach or in Thongsala to be bought. Next Koh Ma are also available Haad Tian, Haad Yao East or Haad Salad for snorkeling. 

Especially the beaches on the east coast are easier to reach by boat. So why not snorkel with one Connect trip around the island


Although Koh Tao is famous as the diver's paradise, there are many very good ones on Koh Phangan as well diving schools. By the way, the diving spots that are approached are mostly the same! You can dive on Koh Phangan all year round, but the visibility is not that good, especially during the Peak Seaon from December to February. Diving instructors usually recommend May-July for the best visibility!

Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing

There are several Kiteboarding schools on Koh Phangansuch as Phangan Breeze @ Phangan Beach Resort in Thongsala. The school has qualified and friendly Thai teachers and is operated by a Thai-American. Breeze Kiteboarding also organizes the annual Koh Phangan Kiteboarding Competition and is member of Kiteboarding Association of Thailand.

Several beaches on the island are suitable for kiteboarding, with the Ban Tai Section of over 7km offers the best conditions for both beginners and professionals. The offshore coral reef keeps higher waves away for most of the year, making the calm and smooth water ideal for kiteboarding courses. During the Peak SeasonDecember to January, the wind comes from the northeast, causing Chaloklam for kiteboarders becomes interesting.


Windsurfing lessons are currently not available on Koh Phangan, but you can visit Manali Resort in Haad Naiwok borrow a board for 500THB per hour.


For example, kayaks can be found in the Beck's Resort Thongsala or in Haad Yao be hired. About 200 THB are payable per hour. So you can explore nearby beaches or fishing.

Boat tour / day trip

A boat tour is the ideal way to visit all sides of Koh Phangan or the Angtong National Marine Park to explore!

Especially Mu Ko Ang Thong should be part of your program. The 42 islands off Phangan and Samui are the real  Scene of the novel The Beach and are definitely worth a visit. More information here.

For a Beach-hopping tour around Phangan You can book a tour with one of the tour operators Hire speedboat or directly contact one of the taxi boats / longtails that you will find on many beaches.


Jet skis can be in Thong Nai Pan and Haad Rin be hired. Remember that you have to hand in your pass and drive carefully. Damage to the jet ski can be very expensive! 20 minutes cost about 1500THB


Of course, swimming should not be forgotten as a “water activity”! What could be closer to an island with some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, surrounded by crystal clear waters? In general, the beaches in the east (e.g Thong Nai Pan or Haad Sadet) due to the deeper water better for swimming. During the High Season However, there may be more waves here. But at this time of the year, the water level on the west coast is higher, which also means, for example Haad Yao suitable for swimmers.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding / SUP Yoga

SUP, or “Stand Up Paddleboarding“ is a fun and relaxing way to get around on the water. After just a short introduction, you can paddle along the beaches and, with a little practice, even surf. SUP is a new cross-training trend because both the upper body when paddling and the legs are trained by balancing the board.

With all this, Phangan's beaches or sunset can be enjoyed from the water. SUP is fun, safe and suitable for all ages. PhanganSUP has qualified local trainers.

Other activities


Why not Koh Phangan once with the Bicycle explore? Almost everywhere on the island you can rent bicycles and mountain bikes. If you prefer to discover new things off the road, you may also find one guided bike tour !


There is much to see in the jungle of Koh Phangan! There are still many beaches without road access, so why not explore one of the island's trekking trails? Mandatory program is actually a trip to the highest mountain of the island, Kao Raa. In about 1-2 hours you will climb the top and you will be able to see over Chaloklam and Thong Nai Pan rewarded. But also after Haad Yuan, Bottle Beach or Haad Namtok lead paths through the jungle, which are worth a trip and you will definitely get a lot of Hiking on Ko Phangan to see!


How about a cable car ride over the jungle of the island? On the road to Thong Nai Pan you will find the “Just for Fun” zipline. Here you can whiz over a jungle valley at dizzying heights… have fun!

Shooting range

Still very popular with travelers to Asia: In Haad Rin (opposite the first 711 / Buri Beach Resort) you can let off steam with pistols and rifles on a shooting range.

Golf and mini golf

There is a mini golf course and a golf shooting range on Koh Phangan. Both are on the “Middleroad” from Thongsala to Srithanu. Follow the signs and turn right (golf) or left (mini golf, Wat Pu Kao Noi).

Spiritual ...

There is a big one Alternative scene on Koh Phangan with countless Yoga-, meditation and other workshops, many of which are even offered free of charge or against a voluntary donation. Most of these offers are in and around Srithanu to be found where both large centers such as Samma Karuna and smaller schools such as Sunny Yoga have settled. Almost all offer Drop in yoga classes where all levels are welcome.

Also very popular Detox days, for example in the Orion Healing Center, It is waived for a few days on food to cleanse the body holistically. Of course, different courses can be combined. Incidentally, in Srithanu you will also find several restaurants vegan and / or cook without artificial additives.



Muay Thai

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is the national sport of Thailand. Stylistically, Thai boxing is conspicuous for the use of elbows, knees and clinching. Muay Thai is one of the toughest martial arts ever. On Koh Phangan you have the chance to get an insight into this sport. You can decide for yourself if you would like to take a full-time course (training 2 times a day) or only a few hours. A group training costs in eg at Muay Thai Chinnarach 400 THB per person.

KPT language school Koh Phangan
Thai boxing course Koh Phangan Muay Thai Chinnarach

language course

Especially those who want to stay longer on Koh Phangan or in Thailand should consider a language course. You have the choice between simple crash courses that give you the opportunity to communicate easily with Thais or a full language course in which you also learn to read and write. An annual course at the KPT Language School costs just 26.000THB and allows you to apply for an Education Visa!

cooking class

Do you already have ours? Recipes tried out? If you are already on the island, of course, a cooking class is much more suitable! You can do this for example with the C&M School in Srithanu do.

Thai massage course

A Thai massage is not only healthy but also incredibly invigorating! The Thai massage is based on the Ayurvedic system and works on ten of the 72.000 energy lines of the human body. You should definitely try a Thai massage in Thailand, but why not take a course right away? Chantima massage in Srithanu offers certified courses.


Of course, the parties on Koh Phangan can also be counted among the “activities” on the island. In addition to the world-famous Full Moon Party and the other “Moon Parties”, there are many other large and small events to explore. You can find an overview of the party scene here, and current news always here